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Best Destinations to Pursue Engineering Abroad

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To pursue engineering abroad is a dream of many students in India. Students understand the wide scope of engineering and its high demand among job employers worldwide. If you are a student with a deep interest in Math and science, you can choose from a number of fields or the main and big four i.e. Civil, Electrical Computer, and Mechanical Engineering for your further studies abroad.

Through this blog, we will guide you with some of the most desirable Study abroad destinations to pursue Engineering. In addition, we will let you know in detail about all the top Study abroad destinations that you can choose to study Engineering.

Engineering in UK

Studying Engineering in Uk is one of the best decisions you will ever make! Uk is one of the most popular destinations for studying engineering because of its quality courses, opportunities, world-class universities and world-famous culture of innovation. The UK has three universities in the World's top 10 in terms of Engineering and Technology. Universities and colleges in the UK offer more than 1000+ courses and provide great flexibility in studying a subject. Universities in the UK offer a wide range of options to study for Engineering. It includes General engineering, Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Aerospace, Naval architecture, Electronic and electrical engineering, Production and manufacturing, Chemical, process, energy, etc., with Aerospace engineering having the highest salary.

Engineering in USA:

The USA has some of the finest universities ranked among the top universities in the World. As per sources,62%of all international graduates enrolled at US, universities are enrolled in engineering courses. When it comes to our Indian students, they constitute the second-largest group of international students in the US after those from China.International students can choose from more than 340 accredited universities in the USA and over 2,300 undergraduate degrees in Technology and Engineering.The UK's Bachelor's degree in Engineering is of 4 years, and in the first two years, there is general liberal coursework and 3rd, and 4th-year coursework is specific to the engineering field. Talking about the Master's in engineering, it is a 2-year comprehensive study of the major that the student chooses with an option of Thesis or Non-thesis. To pursue engineering in the USA, you must have a strong profile. The admission committee considers everything from past academic records, standardized tests, and

extracurricular/co-curricular activities. These are thetop Engineering degrees you can choose from as International students: Aerospace Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electronics & Embedded Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Sustainable Energy.

Engineering in Australia

Australia has 7 of the top 100 universities for studying engineering according to research based on 2018-2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings' Engineering and Technology. To pursue Engineering from Australia is a dream of many students as the degrees from Australian Universities are recognized worldwide due to the CRICOS code association. The country provides a realistic environment for international students to obtain qualifications and skills in engineering fields: Architectural, Software, Aeronautical, Spatial, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Applied Physics and Environmental engineering courses. A Bachelor of Engineering degree in Australia is four years, and the Engineering students are required to undertake a general introductory first year before venturing on to their chosen specialization in years two, three and four. After studying Engineering in Australia, students can strengthen their prospects of gaining employment in Australia and expect to earn high salaries.

Engineering in Canada

Quality education, Affordable tuition fees and post-study work options have made Canada one of the most preferred Study abroad destinations. Canada has some of the renowned institutions with degrees and certificates recognized worldwide. When it comes to studying Bachelors of Applied Science or Bachelors in Engineering in Canada, International engineering students in Canada have great opportunities to study at colleges accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The engineering colleges in Canada are top-ranked and follow very high academic standards and rigorous quality controls that ensure students get a high-quality education. Some of the Top engineering programmes offered include Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Materials and Mineral Engineering, and Manufacturing Engineering.

Engineering in Singapore

Singapore is another great study abroad destination if you want to study engineering. Engineering is a four-year program in Singapore. The technical institutes and the universities in Singapore are popular among students for their engineering courses. Singapore is highly regarded in the QS World University Rankings by Subject features in the global top five for the broad subject area of engineering & technology. It is ranked third for materials sciences. The top-ranked universities, high standards of teaching, a great education system, state-of-the-art research facilities, and low tuition make Singapore a better option than the UK and US. Apart from educational excellence, Singapore is one of the safest countries globally, and its cleanliness and low crime rates make it more desirable among international students.


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