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Australia Attracts Students with Tempting Offers

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Australia Attracts Students with Tempting Offers

Studying in Australia for Indian students has always been a dream come true. The outbreak of Covid-19 has changed everything, and students have not been able to fulfil their dream of studying in Australia as it closed its borders from 2020 and also during most of 2021. To attract more students, the Australian government is now wooing students with some tempting offers, including visa fee waivers and the removal of the maximum eligible work hours. The government has also increased the post-study work visa to three years to make studying in Australia an even more desirable option.

As per Monica Kennedy, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner of Austrade in Mumbai, the students arriving in Australia before March 19, 2022, will waive their visa fee of 630 Australian Dollars. As per sources, she said that all international students arriving on Australian shores before March 19 would get a fees refund. For those coming to pursue Masters programmes in the Metropolitan areas, the post-study work visa is being enhanced from the present two years to three years. According to her, there are already many international students reaching Australia, and this number will increase with the new measures announced by Australian Prime Minister Scot Morrison. 

As per the figures revealed by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment International Student Data, in 2019, around 1,08,292 students secured visas, and in the year 2020, 1,48,684 students got their visas. Today, about 1.50 lakh international students possess an Australian visa.

Due to the pandemic's impact and closure of the borders, local businesses around universities faced acute staff shortages. The Australian universities have a division to support international students to find part-time work. 

This year 2022 holds a great opportunity as the Australian government has increased the fortnight cap for international students while studying to a 40-hour which was previously 20-hour-per-week. The other flexible policies and inviting temperament of the Australian government makes considering higher education in Australia in 2022 an excellent option for the Indian students who want to study in Australia. 

The process is not so easy. Students take guidance from consultants who have the expertise and good relations with various authorities abroad, making studying overseas seamless for students and parents. 

Canam Consultants strives to provide the latest information regarding the recent changes in the government policies of several top study abroad destinations. We hope that this piece of knowledge helps you to take the next step towards your dreams. In case you face any problem related to studying in Australia or are unable to decide which university or course you should choose and which city would be best for you to live in Australia or any other related questions, visit our nearest Canam Office or call our Toll-Free No 1800 137 8055, and Canam study abroad consultants will be pleased to help you.

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