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9 reasons That Make New Zealand Top Study Destination

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When it comes to New Zealand, it is the most beautiful and serene nation in the world. Students who aim to expand their mental horizons, revel in natural beauty, and live in a vibrant, multicultural society should seriously contemplate studying in New Zealand. In this blog, read the 9 core reasons why you should be in New Zealand for studying and education.

1. Excellent education experience

New Zealand's university system is research-oriented as it is based on the British Education Model. This means there is immense resemblance between the two modes, such as teaching methods. Due to this fact, Indian students find it much easier to adjust to New Zealand.

2. Cost friendly

Studying in New Zealand is very economical for students with regard to food, accommodation, and the cost of living. Also, public transport is very well connected to prime locations of the country and is moderately priced.

3. Lovely weather

New Zealand is known for having incredible weather all year long. Though it becomes chilly during the autumn months, the climate otherwise is magnificent. One can go for a swim in some places until April, and also hiking is extremely popular during the fall season.

4. Straightforward entry requirements

Universities in New Zealand have less competition regarding the admissions to the degree programs. This is because the New Zealand government has heavily invested in higher education over the years, which has resulted in surplus capacity in the institutions. Students with average academic records can get entry to many bachelor programs with ease. Thus the entry requirements are bare minimum as compared to the other universities of the world.

5. Women are at the forefront of New Zealand's rich history

On top of being the first nation to give women voting rights in 1893, it was one of the only countries in the world to have three women in the country's most influential position successively.

6. Immense adventure culture

New Zealand is a favorite destination for adrenaline junkies. A famous New Zealander named A.J. Hackett was among the pioneers of commercial bungee jumping. Since 1979, there is an ever-growing interest in adventure sports such as bungee-jumping sky-diving, whitewater rafting, and more making New Zealand is a hotspot for adventure sports.

7. Incredible location for plant and animal studies

New Zealand is geographically segregated, and a large portion of the land is allocated to national parks. Aspirants interested in studying the human impact on the environment have a high possibility of performing biological research in the regions untouched by humans in the diverse ecosystem of New Zealand.

8. Warm and welcoming native population

The New Zealand's population comprises of a mix of different cultures. Auckland specifically is a booming multicultural hub, having a vibrant and unique community. Students keen on knowing more about the culture can benefit from some of the best programs available in the universities of New Zealand.

9. Numerous outdoor activities

New Zealand is a heaven for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, or just exploring the vast outdoors. It offers an ample number of options for recreation.

The reasons to study in New Zealand are ample, but the ones cited in the blog are the prime for education in New Zealand.

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