7 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in IELTS

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This blog gives the common mistakes which a candidate makes in IELTS.  These include: being unfamiliar with the pattern, time management skills, and not working on improving the linguistic skills in the English language.

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7 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in IELTS

IELTS is an exam of English proficiency level which tests the four components of the English language-listening, reading, writing, and speaking. While preparing for this exam candidates often make these mistakes which can affect their overall performance. These are:-

1.Not knowing the overall pattern of the exam;-

At times students are overconfident and think that this is a simple English exam where English is being tested. However, it requires a systematic approach and the basic structure of the exam should be clear before writing the exam.

2.Time-management skills

It is very important to know about the duration of the exam and how much time is required to finish a particular task/module. Candidates appearing for this exam sometimes tend to overlook such factors and are unable to get the desired result.

3.Ignoring grammar rules:-

It goes without saying that a language cannot be correct if there are grammatical errors. So to minimize such mistakes a thorough revision of grammar basics is required.At times students tend to overlook this aspect and are not able to score high in the Writing module.

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4.Not practicing before the actual exam

The candidate needs to practice few model test papers before appearing for the actual exam.This gives an added confidence while writing the exam and there are higher chances of getting the desired score.If one practices with good mentors the there are less chances of failing.Further it also helps one to know the types of questions and time management skills required for the exam.

5.Not knowing the marking criteria

IELTS exam has a set marking criteria for all the modules.Before sitting for an exam it is always crucial for a candidate to know about the different parameters on which one is being assessed.What are the four parameters for writing and speaking and how the band score is given for each module ....?Well these can be clarified before your actual exam.

6.Overlooking Spelling Mistakes

At times students are very weak in their spellings.Many times it has been observed by the examiners that the student could have scored better in the exam if they had not committed so many grammatical errors.So be mindful of your e's and I"s as they can affect your band score.

7.Not being fluent while speaking

Speaking module requires fluency in English. High band in this module requires to be fluent while speaking. Pronunciation, stress and intonation ought to be taken care of before writing the final exam.

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Students must practice grammar exercises for all the topics and specifically in whichever topic they lack. Grammar requires thorough practice rather than only doing a few questions or knowing the concept.
There are 4 set parameters: Fluency and coherence, lexical resource, pronunciation, grammatical range and accuracy. So, a candidate must work on these 4 areas to score good bands.
To be fluent one needs consistent practice of speaking in English. This can be done in any way: talking with friends, practicing certain questions, or practicing on specific applications with native speakers.
No, only having basic knowledge of English is not enough. One needs to get familiar with the pattern also because there is a systematic approach to passing this test.
Of course, yes. The student should not make any spelling mistakes in their IELTS exam. This is because incorrect spellings mean the answer will be marked wrong. 
The 4 parameters on which one needs to work on are Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource, Grammatical range and accuracy.

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