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  • Brescia University College

Brescia University College

Brescia University College


Brescia University College is linked with the University of Western Ontario where students enjoy the activities and facilities of a large university while also enjoying the sense of community that a small campus provides. Because Brescia is associated with Western University, students will benefit from Brescia's small-town atmosphere and student-centred education complemented by extra-curricular activities. Apart from Brescia, men and women can attend Western's main campus, Huron, and King's University Colleges.

Brescia University College is the province's third-largest university, with over 1500 undergraduate students and a student-to-faculty ratio of 14 to 1. Brescia's main goal is to make a difference in students' lives by providing them with a high-quality, affordable education. Brescia College is also noted for having an excellent scholarship programme.

WHY Brescia University College?

Programs offered
Brescia University College offers undergraduate programmes in management and organizational studies, arts and science, and a postgraduate degree in foods and nutritional sciences. It provides the Dietitians of Canada-approved Honours Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition. It also offers a variety of certificate and preparation courses.

London, Ontario, Canada, is home to Brescia University College. Brescia's living and learning styles are infused with creativity, thanks to the city's scenic beauty, regional art, and historical artifacts.

Academic advising at Brescia supports students throughout their academic careers and advises them about university policies, degree requirements, Western's module system, and other campus support services. Brescia equips students with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their studies and future professional objectives.

Campus safety
Brescia is committed to ensuring that people of their community can study, work, and conduct their activities in a safe environment. Brescia University College is committed to providing a safe environment for all members of the school community. Brescia has a number of safety precautions in place to keep everyone on campus safe.

Professional group advising meetings allow you to participate in a friendly, small-group discussion that leads students through job problem-solving and strategies to research various career choices relevant to their discipline. Student career development is a lifelong process of combining the essential priorities with the decisions they make throughout their professional lives to take them closer to their desired future goals.

Endless Opportunities
Enhancing students' leadership skills through the numerous opportunities at Brescia University College is a worthwhile investment of time.

Brescia is dedicated to several programs that benefit the Brescia community. These steps have been put in place to guarantee that their community is accessible, safe, smoke-free, and capable of moving forward privately. Brescia University College offers various services and resources to guarantee that all students, regardless of accessibility needs, have access to programmes, academic materials, and assistance.

Brescia University College is strong because of its various student voices. Brescia is dedicated to learning, listening, and improving as a university to provide a safe environment on campus.

Students at Brescia will be challenged to actively participate in their education both inside and outside of the classroom and in the local and global community.

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