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  • Academy of Aeronautics

About Academy of Aeronautics

Academy of Aeronautics


Academy of Aeronautics has maintained its standards and contributed to providing some of the best pilots and technicians to the airline industry since its foundation in 1964, by world-leading senior executive members who are pioneers in aeronautics and education sectors.

Graduates of the academy of aeronautics have gone on to work for corporations like Bombardier, American Airlines, Air France, Air Canada, British Airways, and Middle East Airlines, to name a few. The academy is dedicated to exceeding expectations by pushing its boundaries to provide students with the best flight training experience and expertise available in the industry.


Why Academy of Aeronautics

The reasons of studying at Academy of Aeronautics is:

Advanced Instrument Flight Training

While undergoing more advanced Instrument Flight Training, Canada can have numerous gloomy, low visibility days, allowing students to get real-time, practical IFR Instrument Flying Experience, including flights in the rain, snow, and icing conditions.

World Recognized Licenses

As ICAO pilot licences, Canadian pilot licences are well-known around the world. At the Academy of Aeronautics, students can receive world-class aviation training at extremely low costs.

Post-Graduate Work Permit

After finishing commercial flight training, students can apply for a work permit through the Government of Canada's Immigration and Citizenship laws, which will allow them to apply for residency. Students can also seek to work as flight instructors at the College after completing the Certified Flying Instructor rating, allowing them to accrue extra flight hours.

Learning at the College

The College of Aeronautics provides students with a comprehensive environment in which to pursue their academic goals. Professional educators teach students in state-of-the-art facilities. The college provides world-class training in Canada at an advantageous price.


The College of Aeronautics believes in putting people first to have a long and successful business. People at the College are working hard to improve the quality of flight training techniques currently offered in the industry. The College of Aeronautics is happy to declare that its graduates are ready for any challenge that comes their way due to their hard work and dedication to restore one of the world's most fascinating career choices.

Professional Affiliations

The College has strong links with key aviation organizations and its active participation in aviation groups.

Training Facilities

The admissions offices and field training facilities for the College of Aeronautics are located in Ville St-Laurent, Montreal. The St-Laurent offices are equipped with a variety of training aids and their simulators, ensuring that their students receive the best possible instruction. The College's flight training facilities are located at Mirabel International Airport. The Mirabel location is advantageous to their students' account of close proximity to the local flight training airspace as well as learning to fly in a busy controlled environment. As a result, the students receive the training they need to excel in the aviation workplace.

The College of Aeronautics is happy to provide a variety of course options geared toward applicants who want to turn their flying training into a career or enjoy it as a fun hobby. The College of Aeronautics has trained airline pilots from all over the world, allowing them to impart their knowledge to students in a cutting-edge environment.

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