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College Multihexa Overview

The College is located in a building in which 10 companies operate in IT including the multinational CGI. It is one of the largest concentrations of IT companies in Saguenay and one of the most important in Quebec. These companies hire more than 1000 qualified employees.

Multihexa has existed in the province of Quebec since 1986, training more than 5000 IT students. The college in Saguenay has been going since 1995, with more than 1,200 students who have been trained in IT. Over the years we have built a solid reputation with private, governmental and para-governmental companies. Multihexa College is one of the first private companies in Canada to have made computer training its primary focus. The College is located close to important employers which allows the College to offer quality internships and high potential for employment. It is worth mentioning that CGI employees come from 26 different nationalities, a diversity that supports the integration of newcomers.

Therefore, we offer our students the chance to study in an environment combining training with the potential for a future job. For international students, training in a private college compared to a public one is advantageous for the same tuitions fees, because you benefit from more personal and specific training. Adding the fact that the programs offered at Multihexa are one-year programs.

Our valued proposition:

  • Hands-on training leading to competencies based on the work market
  • Best teachers from the industry sharing their expertise
  • Affordable prices leading to a good return on investment
  • Programs approved by the Ministry of Education

Our mission

  • Develop the full potential and autonomy of our students through our fundamental skills, the excellence of our trainers and the relevance of our programs, so that they become specialists in information and communications technologies.
  • Multihexa is committed to promoting their fulfillment while respecting the needs and objectives of organizations.
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CAD 11000-12000


University Facts

Established in 1986

Programmes 2 Available

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