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Study Abroad: Study Fashion Guide

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The fashion industry around the world is progressing rapidly today with better prospects. People worldwide have become fashion-conscious, and they seek to enhance their fashion sense in every way possible. Therefore, clothing companies worldwide are hiring people in various job roles like fashion designers, textile designers, retailers, buyers and merchandisers.

The prospects are tremendous both in terms of salary and growth of fashion design jobs. Many universities and colleges provide training to potential designers so that students can expand their talent. They also help them become entrepreneurs in the fashion world. Even the mega malls are mushrooming. Therefore, the retail sector is witnessing a virtual explosion. The fashion market needs thousands of trained management, communication, technology, and design professionals with this equation.
For candidates who dream of designing a line of clothing and displaying them on runways worldwide, a career in the Fashion industry is suited for them. A proper education course can provide them with the needed skills to break into this creative and exciting industry. After all, prospects for fashion design graduates are right in the job market. All thanks to the massive demand for ‘designer wear’.

As every country offers specialized courses related to fashion, here is a guide for aspirants to explore and choose their international education destination on the topics of their interest.

Fashion Design:

Fashion designing is a field for creative and bright students. In this course, students learn the basics of fabric, colours, material and techniques to develop their vision to create their line of clothing and styling. If the student wants to make a career in fashion designing, then the USA is the place. Famous designers like Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and Parsons all studied from top universities and colleges in the USA. Studying fashion design from the USA leads students to successful and rewarding careers as fashion designers.

Merchandising and Marketing:

Fashion merchandising and marketing experts are the main backbone of fashion, popularity and culture. The study in this field focuses on consumer and design trends, the lifecycle of fashion products and the fashion business. It also includes Retail management, Fashion buying, PR and advertising. To study fashion merchandising and marketing, France is the best place. The top colleges and universities in France offer a top-ranked program that includes study abroad opportunities in the garment centre studio in the USA.

Production Management:

Production management focuses on running the front lines of fashion. Production managers design the processes and schedule the fashion shows, their raw materials into textiles and clothing. They are also responsible for getting the clothing line into retail stores. If the student is fascinated by how fashion is made from the first step to the final, he should consider studying Production management. The top colleges and universities in the UK offer the best degree programs in Production management, and it will help students master the product development process.

If you are also planning to study fashion abroad, visit Canam Unisearch today. Our experts will guide you through the entire process while you sit back and relax.

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