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Why Australia is the Best Location for International Students

To be able to study in a foreign country takes a lot of courage and one faces a lot of challenges in the process of studying abroad. The very thought of leaving friends and family behind gives a big shocker to a lot of people. World-class universities, vibrant culture and exponential learning opportunities are some

Tips to choose the best college for Studying abroad

With the myriad of options available to study abroad, it gets rather confusing to choose a university or college. It is best to research before deciding where you actually want to head start your career. With innumerable universities and colleges all across the world, it becomes difficult to find study programs, courses and degrees that

Challenges Faced by International Students while Studying Abroad

There are many challenges that International students face while studying in some other country. Studying in the home country is pretty easy compared to going to some foreign country and starting a career. In the pursuit to get better economic opportunities, students do graduation, post-graduation or research degree from some foreign country. Students from all

Student Life in Dubai

One of the largest and fastest-growing metropolis in not just the Middle East but the whole wide world, Dubai is also a sought after study abroad destination for students to pursue various fields of study. Scores of new restaurants, beaches, museums and many more appear in Dubai every year. It is also one of the

Education in Canada During Covid Pandemic

Covid-19 has brought about a radical change in how education has been perceived so far. International students worldwide have been facing innumerable difficulties ranging from anxiety issues, due to the ongoing prevailing pandemic, to the uncertainties revolving around completing their studies in Canada. Amidst the uncertain future, students are occupied with online classes to keep

Why Should you Study Business in Europe in 2021?

In recent times, more and more students are aiming to do their higher education in Europe. With many lucrative options available all across the world, it seems quite difficult to decide the university or college to go to. Europe is the continent where one will not only learn different ways of life, given the diversity

Which are Some Affordable Study Abroad Destinations?

Study abroad is a buzzword in today’s world for International students who aspire to get education from world-class universities. The most important factor that a student comes across while planning to study abroad is the expense that one has to incur. Every student has some budget, which decides where one can study. It is not

Why Toronto is the Global Hub for International Students?

Toronto has a multitude of opportunities for self-development and building personal and professional contacts. Canada offers lucrative schemes such as Express Entry, Post-graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) and PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), making it one of the most sought-after countries for settlement. There are multitude of options when it comes to setting in Canada, such