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  • Navitas Canada

About Navitas Canada

Navitas Canada


For more than twenty years Navitas is a preferred option of studying for thousands of students every year. The Navitas Group understands the growing needs of the universities and the globalization in the course curriculum and prepares the students for the future career by providing courses and programs which advance their skills. Navitas offers options in learning English, accessing university and helps in expanding career opportunities. Navitas is a global leader in providing educational programs and opportunities all over the world. The programs at Navitas help students to gain excellent results in their examinations. It offers the widest range of centres and the opportunity to study at more than one location. Navitas operates in partnership with leading universities and colleges and provides direct pathways to under-graduate and graduate level programs.

Navitas University programs are offered in Canada's two most beautiful cities- Vancouver and Winnipeg! The Navitas Colleges in Canada are:

  • Fraser International College at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
  • ICM at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

About Fraser International College At Simon Fraser University

Fraser International College (FIC) offers pathway programs to Simon Fraser University (SFU). SFU is one of the most renowned institutions in Canada with its outstanding faculty and world-class facilities. SFU provides excellence in academic as well as extra-curricular activities and balances both academics and sports as it has Canada's one of the best varsity sports teams. While studying at FIC, the student gets the advantage of accessing all the facilities at SFU including library, pool, gym, cafe, health clinic and student counseling facilities

Collaboration with Navitas: Studying at ICM/ University of Manitoba enables you to earn the benefits of programs delivered by Navitas group.
Canada's best University: FIC and SFU are amongst Canada's best Universities.
Small Class Sizes: The small class sixes at FCI makes Individual attention possible.
Facilities accessible: Students have full access to SFU's facilities while studying at FCI even.
Accommodation: Students can avail accommodation on-campus at SFU or can reside outside at homestays.

Programs Offered

The following pathway programs are offered at FIC to SFU in association with Navitas Group: University Transfer Program Stage 1 (UTP1) (English Component only)

Mixed course is available for University Transfer Program Stage I at FIC Business Administration
Engineering Science
Computing Science
Social Science

Leads to Under-Graduate University Transfer Program Stage II at SFU in Second year

Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting / Entrepreneurship / Finance / Human Resource Management / International Business / Management and Technology / Management Information Systems / Management Science / Marketing).

Computing Science
Bachelor of Applied Science

Engineering Science
Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Engineering / Electronics Engineering / Systems Engineering / Engineering Physics / Biomedical Engineering / Mechatronic Systems Engineering).

Arts and Social Sciences Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology / Archaeology / Art and Culture / Cognitive Science / Criminology / Economics / English / Film and Video Studies / First Nations Studies / French / Geography / History / Humanities / International Studies / Labour Studies / Languages / Latin American Development Studies / Linguistics / Philosophy / Political Science / Psychology / Sociology/ Statistics / Women's Studies).


International College of Manitoba at University of Manitoba

About International College of Manitoba at University of Manitoba

International College of Manitoba (ICM) provides pathway programs to the University of Manitoba. It is Canada's first university and is research oriented. ICM/University of Manitoba is located in Winnipeg, one of Canada's most beautiful and affordable cities. ICM and University of Manitoba has most brightest and excellent faculty. The students while studying at ICM have full access to the facilities at University of Manitoba. Recognized as one of Canada's premier institutions ICM in partnership with University of Manitoba are known for delivering the best education irrespective of caste, creed, sex, language, nationality, etc.

Why International College of Manitoba at University of Manitoba

  • Collaboration with Navitas: Studying at ICM/ University of Manitoba enables you to earn the benefits of programs delivered by Navitas group.
  • International Recognition: Students at ICM/ University of Manitoba gain international recognition for their achievements.
  • Extra academic hours: small classes and extra academic teaching hours ensure that the student grasps comprehensive knowledge.
  • Attractive location: The University of Manitoba is located at one of the most attractive locations in Canada which is affordable and is equipped with all the basic amenities.

Program Offered

Mixed course is available for University Transfer Program Stage I at ICM in:

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Arts

Leads to Under-Graduate University Transfer Program Stage II at University of Manitoba in Second year:


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness)


  • Bachelor of Science (Engineering) - Biosystems Engineering /Civil Engineering / Computer Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering.


  • Bachelor of Arts - Anthropology / Classical Studies /Economics / English / French / Italian / German and Slavic Studies / History / Icelandic Studies / Linguistics / Native Studies / Philosophy / Political Studies / Psychology / Religion/ Sociology / Spanish.


  • Bachelor of Science

Wilfrid Laurier University

About Wilfrid Laurier University

Tracing back the roots to the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary opening in Waterloo more than a century ago in 1911. The university has witnessed several changes since then, and in 1973, its name got changed from Waterloo Lutheran University to Wilfrid Laurier University. Later, in 1999, the university opened its campus in Brantford.

Why Wilfrid Laurier University

  • Education at Laurier is about building the whole personality: body, mind, and spirit. The university's staff strives to create engaged and aware citizens in a culture that inspires lives of leadership and purpose.
  • At Laurier, students feel a deep sense of attachment and relating beyond our campuses and resonate in the societies we call home.
  • Although the university has been duly recognized by various boards and organizations, its Lazaridis School of Business and Economics is AACSB accredited, which is the highest level of achievement offered to business schools worldwide.

Programs offered:

  • The university is offering an array of certificate, diplomas, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees:
  • Accounting (Graduate Diploma)
  • Ancient Studies (BA)
  • Anthropology (BA in Combination)
  • Applied Computing (MAC)
  • Applied Digital (Option)
  • Applied Mathematics (Option)
  • Applied Politics (MAP)
  • Applied Social Research (Option)
  • Applied Water Science (BSc)
  • Arabic (Minor)
  • Archaeology and Heritage Studies (BA)
  • BA + Master's in English, History or Political Science
  • Biochemistry and Biotechnology (BSc)
  • Biological and Chemical Sciences (Ph.D.)
  • Biology (BSc)
  • Biology (BA)
  • Business Administration (Diploma)
  • Business Administration (BBA)
  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Business Administration (BBA) and Computer Science (BSc) Double Degree
  • Business Administration (BBA) and Computer Science (BCS) Double Degree
  • Business Administration (BBA) and Financial Mathematics (BA) Double Degree
  • Business Administration (BBA) and Math (BMath) Double Degree
  • Business Economics (MABE)
  • Business Technology Management (BBTM)
  • Chamber Music (Diploma)
  • Chemistry (BSc)
  • Chemistry (MSc)
  • Chemistry and Physics (BSc)
  • Christian Studies and Global Citizenship (BA)
  • Christian Studies and Global Song (Option)
  • Communication Studies (BA)
  • Communication Studies (MA)
  • Community Engagement (Option)
  • Community Health (BA)
  • Community Health (BASc)
  • Community Music (MA)
  • Community Music (BMus)
  • Computer Science (MCS)
  • Computer Science (BSc)
  • Computer Science (BA in Combination)
  • Computer Science and Physics (BSc)
  • Creative Writing (Minor)
  • Criminology (BA)
  • Criminology (MA)
  • Cultural Analysis and Social Theory (MA)
  • Cultural Studies (BA in Combination)
  • Data Science (BSc)
  • Digital Media and Journalism (BA)
  • Divinity (MDiv)
  • Economics (BA)
  • Economics and Accounting (BA)
  • Economics and Financial Management (BA)
  • Education (MEd)
  • Education (BEd)
  • English (BA), Brantford
  • English (BA), Waterloo
  • English and Film Studies (MA)
  • English and Film Studies (Ph.D.)
  • Entrepreneurship Core (Option)
  • Environmental Science (BSc), Waterloo
  • Environmental Studies (MES)
  • Environmental Studies (BA)
  • Film Production (Option)
  • Film Studies (BA)
  • Finance (MFin)
  • Financial Mathematics (BA)
  • Financial Mathematics (BSc)
  • French (BA)
  • Game Design and Development (BFAA)
  • Geography (BA)
  • Geography (MA)
  • Geography (MSc)
  • Geography (PhD)
  • Geography (BSc)
  • Geomatics (Option)
  • German (Minor)
  • Global Crime and Justice (Certificate)
  • Global Governance (Ph.D.)
  • Global Studies (BA)
  • Health Administration (BA)
  • Health Sciences (BSc)
  • History (BA), Brantford
  • History (BA), Waterloo
  • History (MA)
  • History (Ph.D.)
  • History and Philosophy of Science (Minor)
  • Honours Science (BSc), Waterloo
  • Human Relationships (Ph.D.)
  • Human Rights and Human Diversity (BA)
  • Humanities with Leadership Foundations (BA)
  • Indigenous Studies (BA in Combination)
  • Integrative Biology (MSc)
  • Intercultural Understanding (Option)
  • International Development (Option)
  • International Education Studies (BA)
  • International Policy (Option)
  • International Public Policy (MIPP)
  • Issue Advocacy (Option)
  • Italian (Minor)
  • Kinesiology (BKin)
  • Kinesiology (MKin)
  • Kinesiology (Ph.D.)
  • Languages (BA)
  • Law (Option)
  • Law and Society (BA)
  • Law Degree (University of Sussex, UK) and Arts Degree (Laurier)
  • Law Degree (University of Sussex, UK) and Science Degree (Laurier)
  • Leadership (Option and Minor)
  • Legal Studies (Option)
  • Management (PhD)
  • Management (MSc)
  • Management (Option)

Ryerson University International College

About Ryerson University International College

It is a precisely urban university-driven community that applies the knowledge to enhance people's lives in Toronto and across the globe. The college is committed to providing an experiential learning qualification. The entrepreneurial spirit allows the students to experience the college's deeply creative culture, making them adapt faster.

Why Ryerson University International College

  •   The learning extends beyond the classrooms through co-ops, field placements, internships, incubators, and industry projects.
  • Being associated with the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) signifies the highest level of achievement obtained by business schools globally.
  • AACSB offers internationally approved, specially authorized accounting and business programs at the undergraduate and doctoral levels.

Programs offered:

  •  UTP Stage I
  • UTP Stage II: Arts
  • UTP Stage II: Business Management
  • UTP Stage II: International Economics & Finance
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