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  • Leonard de Vinci Group  ESILV Engineering School

About Leonard de Vinci Group –  ESILV-Engineering School

The Leonardo Da Vinci in Paris is an amalgam of three schools: EMLV( Business School), ESLIV (Engineering School) and IIM(School of Web Design and Multimedia).
Whether you are thinking of integrating two degrees or participating in a business incubator, Leonardo Da Vinci will give you the resources, staff support, and field expertise you need.
The institute promotes interdisciplinary collaboration between departments and is founded around values of multiculturalism, innovation, and good sportsmanship.

Why Leonard de Vinci Group –  ESILV-Engineering School

Situated in the main European business district, their schools are near to major national and international companies. They are in co-operation with the prominent corporates to provide them with highly skilled and culturally adaptable graduates. High-level research and teaching methodologies based on hybrid courses, project-based training develops a large set of hard and soft skills. Students apply themselves in up to date facilities and benefit from the creative amenities such as learning centers, the fab-lab for technical innovation.

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