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About Arbutus College


Arbutus College is a private college that caters to the needs of students seeking a high-quality education. Arbutus College is a popular private business school in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Business, International Trade, Hospitality, Communication Arts, and Translation and Interpretation in Japanese and Korean are all available at the College.

Arbutus College is dedicated to developing tomorrow's leaders through its superior educational setting. At Arbutus College, a student can begin an educational program at the beginning of any month of the year. The finest part about attending Arbutus College is the personalized attention given to students in small classes. Arbutus College can also get personalized instruction by choosing from various elective courses based on their interests.

Why Arbutus College?

Here are the reasons to study at Arbutus College:

Programs offered
The Arbutus College provides more than 40 programmes in six subjects to boost students' confidence in their ability to compete for top marketing jobs. The Arbutus College provides high-quality education that includes communication and professional skills and prepare students for success in the global workplace. It is one of the top places in Canada to study.

Excellent standard of Instructions
The Arbutus College provides students with access to competent professional instructors who can help them improve their skills and knowledge.

Opportunity to grow
The College provides its students with a chance to build up their testimonials from foundation certificates to advanced diplomas.

Arbutus College offers study schedules that are both practical and manageable. This is ideal for those who wish to work and study at the same time.

Quality and Complete Education
At Arbutus College, students receive complete professional training as well as integrated communication skills. Depending on the needs and requirements of the students, the College offers training in a wide range of elective courses.

Arbutus College programs focus on making career-ready professionals out of graduates. Academic courses paired with practical work experience equip students with the competencies that global companies look for. Arbutus College is at the forefront of forming as a professional community of skilled and capable leaders for today's workforce.

Offers pathways
Arbutus College provides students with a practical set of skills necessary for the workplace and access to a variety of learning opportunities in industries across Canada. Its certificate and diploma programmes lead to a bachelor's degree, making it a great alternative for students and professionals looking to advance in their careers.

Opportunity to grow
The College allows students to earn a variety of credentials, ranging from foundation certificates to advanced diplomas. The College provides students with the chance to participate in a paid business co-op program.

Arbutus students have the added benefit of living in Vancouver, which is regarded as one of the world's most liveable cities and is known for its natural beauty, as well as its thriving art, cuisine, and music scene.

Innovative teaching
Arbutus focuses on creative teaching strategies to establish a vibrant learning environment where students from various professional and cultural backgrounds can prepare for global issues.

Arbutus College provides a high-quality education that combines communication and professional skills to educate students for success in today's global business.



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