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About Cegep-Gaspe

Learning new things always fascinates brains and Cegep-Gaspe College encourages the fascinating journey of learning for students by enhancing not only the depth of knowledge and skills, but broadening the opportunities and improving the awareness as well. A variety of bespoke services for students having physical, neurological or organic impairment as well as those with learning disorders or mental health problems is also available. Your program of study is divided into multiple disciplines focusing on different program objectives that are essential in identifying and accurately distinguishing the different components that constitute a human being. At Cegep Gaspe, students will have a built up knowledge based on distinguished facts, theories, laws, and their social, political contexts.

Why Cegep-Gaspe?


  • Location
    Cegep-Gaspe, located in the Quebec, Canada, is known for the views of the Montmorency Falls, scenic beauty and lush surroundings. The province offers relaxing yet entertaining environment for Cegep Gaspe's students to have full-fledge education experience.
  • Events
    Cegep Gaspe organizes an exciting programme of events including graduation ceremonies, open days and others. Most of the events are open to Cegep Gaspe's students, staff, alumni and other specific invites from the college authorities.
  • Inquiry Section
    Finding answers to your queries is an initial step towards successful work process. The college displays keenness in answering various queries with all concerned information supporting student's comfort on top.


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