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Study Abroad Consultants

Canam Consultants Ltd EN: ISO 9001:2015 certified company is the outcome of a dream, visualized by its Directors, around 27 years ago to offer a fair deal to the international education aspirants in India. Canam stands for Can + am, where ‘Can’ stands for Canada, and ‘am’ stands for America. It was launched with a global career perspective to cater to the growing demand for honest, fair, and authenticated overseas education consultants. Canam has been a North American centric organization in thoughts, processes, principles and ideology. Over the years, as the organization has developed its Canadian education expertise, Canam prides itself on being the lead consultant for Canadian universities and colleges. Canam has always focused on universities across the length and breadth of Canada, offering programs ahead of traditional ones, and introduced students to the vast number of institutes across Canada. Initiated as a study visa consultancy firm for Canada and American, Canam, over the years, has expanded its study visa related services for various other prime international education destinations like; Australia, USA, New Zealand, UK, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, and so on under the brand name Unisearch.

Overseas education is a huge industry, and the number of students moving abroad from India is growing tremendously with each passing day. Earlier, it was mainly for Canada and America, but even other prime international education destinations started welcoming Indian students with open hands. Be it Australia, New Zealand or European countries like Germany, France or the United Kingdom or Singapore, Indian students are ready to explore their higher education prospects worldwide.

Authorization from Government agencies for all the countries that Canam Unisearch deals with and its ideology of giving an honest and fair deal to the students encourages Canam to keep itself updated with currents trends and admission processes through its channel partners. These strategies support Canam Unisearch on leveraging the vast business opportunity.  
Canam simplifies complex immigration policies and creates customized plans with free initial consultation for overseas education aspirants. Currently, Canam has its offices across 26 locations in the country. So the clientele is huge and from every corner of the country. The requirements of the clients range right from selection of the suitable program to appropriate location and institute. They require adequate details on documentation and applying for admissions. Once the offer letter is received, then visa filing is done.

With its expert and experienced team of Advisors, admission counsellors and visa filing experts, Canam delivers thousands and thousands of successful visas to overseas education aspirants every year.

Canam studies every case considerately and provide customized solutions to the students based on their previous education and proposed lucrative education prospects.  
USP of Canam

The factors that make Canam the preferred choice of the international education aspirants include:

  • Leading the overseas education industry in India for the past 27 years
  • Thousand plus successful visas every year
  • Competitive registration charges as compared to others
  • Surety of fair deal
  • The year-on-year increasing trust of its clients
  • Majority of Referral Clientele
  • Individualized/customized tailor-made solutions to each student as per requirement
  • Client satisfaction
  • Recruitment in Government Recognized Institutes
  • Scholarship guidance to help deserving candidates get financial assistance


About iapply

With a vision to take customer services to the next level, Canam Consultants has developed iApply. This intelligent platform would present students with dozens of options to make an informed decision alongside eliminating the inconvenience of travelling. With over two years of rigorous efforts, iApply has successfully started serving students from India in February 2020. Amid huge uncertainty due to Covid-19, iApply has seen a positive boost in the number of daily visitors and the number of new registrations.

The future belongs to technology and artificial intelligence (AI). iApply following the footsteps of Canam and is surely expected to do extraordinarily well in the coming years. The AI platform of iApply is highly customizable and capable of being scaled up in a relatively short period while keeping costs under control to ensure customer satisfaction.


How To Get Scholarships To Study Abroad?

Students aspiring to move abroad for higher studies need strong financial background to fulfill their academic and living expenses. However, universities, colleges, and Governments across the world are always willing to promote, support, and help the deserving candidates through study abroad scholarships.

How To Get Student Loan For Abroad Studies?

Quality education has become extremely crucial and is a must for a complete and successful life. Study abroad is a dream for many. The quality education and exposure offered by the foreign institutes and universities is a goal for many aspiring students.

Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing Study Abroad Consultants

Studying abroad and acquiring excellent educational qualifications ensure a bright future across the world in any field. This is the reason that each year more than a thousand students apply for courses abroad.

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