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Canam Wall of Fame - Success Stories

While there is no fixed rule to success, at the same time, no one can deny the fact that the success stories of some of the big Go-getters in any field is the powerful driving force behind some other's accomplishments.

To commemorate and recognize the accomplishments of the candidates who went abroad for studies through Canam Unisearch, and have done exceptionally well at the universities and colleges and have managed to win numerous awards, recognitions and scholarships during the course of their programs 'CANAM WALL OF FAME' came into being.

It is an endeavour to honour the dedication and enthusiasm with which these students have performed and have brought great laurels not only to the ALMA MATERS but also to CANAM UNISEARCH for making their dream of education abroad true by assisting them with the admission application.

Canam Unisearch has an amazing record of sending candidates abroad for the past 20+ years for study and immigration purposes. Through 'Canam Wall of Fame' Canam Unisearch makes an effort to share the success stories of these outstanding students to encourage and inspire the aspiring students for education abroad to set similar paradigms and do well during their education program in foreign universities and colleges and bring great name, fame and glory to the associated partners.

Manoj kumar Narayanan, MS (Biotech), University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA

Manoj kumar Narayanan, MS (Biotech), University of Massachusetts Lowell, shares his experience of being a part of the prestigious university, along with highlighting Canam’s role in getting him admission in the University and the study visa to USA.

It was February 10, 2018, on which day I got my first admit for Masters abroad, from University of Massachusetts Lowell for Biotechnology major.While my joy knew no bounds, I was also skeptical of how I am going to mentally and physically prepare myself to move to a country far off and start living independently. Upon arrival at the US, I had a warm welcome. The whole environment and the people were friendly and supportive.

UMass Lowell is a public university with a high research impetus in technology, science, and innovation. Many international students find it hard getting acclimatized to the new environment, education system, culture, language, accent and what not. But the university had a lot of supportive groups and sessions to help the students cope with stress and cultural shock. The professors were helpful to students who find it hard getting adjusted to US education system. I enjoyed studying here, as the courses were taught in an enjoyable way. I once remember a class session where the Professor gave us donuts and chocolates to understand biological family tree and classification.

One of the best aspects of US education system is that we get to choose the courses, professors, type of research and the field we wish to work for. Students have the freedom to easily change the course after attending for a month (trial run!) if they are not happy with the course or professor. Studying for exams are not stressful, as anyone who did the assignments (which keep you engaging at home) and classroom activities, would find it easy to score 90% in the finale. There are opportunities to do internship (3-month project in an industry) or co-op (6-month project in an industry), thesis (1-year intense research, defense, and dissertation similar to a PhD) or project (4-6-month research with a report). Since my field involves a lot of research, I did thesis research in UMass Amherst campus. Doing this helped me get a research-based job amidst the COVID economic crisis.

Canam consultancy was instrumental in getting me admits in some of the prestigious institutions in the world. They helped me in all the visa processes, without which it would have been quite taxing. Opportunities abroad are plenty. With proper planning and preparation, one can easily get into a reputed university and have a great career henceforth. After all, it is all the perseverance and passion that matters at the end of the day.

Manoj Kumar Narayanan MS (Biotech)
Research Assistant – Dept. of Experimental Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center / Harvard Medical School
Boston MA

Yagik Mohan, a Canam student having too many jobs offers at Queenstown, New Zealand

As soon as Duncan Sadleir, International Recruitment Manager, Queenstown Resort College, Queenstown, informed us that our student; Yagik Mohan has settled well and is getting along well with his colleagues and staff alike in the college, but has a problem..!!! Too many jobs to choose from! We realized that he deserves to be featured on 'Canam Wall of Fame'.

Yagik applied for admission to Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management - Level 7 at Queenstown Resort College, Queenstown through Canam Consultants Ltd for October 2018, intake. After getting him admission to the chosen program we also got him study visa for New Zealand to pursue the selected program.

Acknowledging Canam’s efforts Yagik said; “I would like to thank Team Canam for helping me with the entire visa processing and advising me to opt for QRC for the particular program. Team Canam was really supportive throughout my application and visa processing tenure. Canam has really allowed me to explore my true potential and confidently handle my future endeavors.”

Regarding his performance and significant achievements at the international educational institute, Yagik informs; “On reaching New Zealand, I embarked upon my journey to emerge as a successful and a hardworking student. Within a week I have managed to get noticed and develop a reputation in the college as genuine student. Also, I was able to get a Permanent Part Time Sales Assistant job at Global Culture NZ within 3 weeks of arriving in Queenstown.”

He further informs; “Besides my job with Global Culture NZ, I appeared for two job interviews and got selected for Front Office Operations, one as a Guest Service Agent with the local 5 star Millbrook Resort and the other as Night Auditor for Swiss-Bel Resort Coronet Peak.” Yagik has recently been offered a role of a Guest Service Agent - Front Desk at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Queenstown, a brand of IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group).

Sharing his personal experience at QRC, Yagik highlights; “Queenstown is one of the most beautiful cities of New Zealand. QRC’s faculty and teaching teams are very supportive in every context including professional teaching, e-learning, and classroom studies.”

When asked about his opinion on what difference he thinks international education will make to his career Yagik highlights; “It will enhance my global knowledge and will make me stronger to face various challenges of life.” We wish Yagik, Good Luck for his future endeavors.

Harminder Singh, Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand


Hawke's Bay A&P Bayleys Wine Awards confers 'Best Student Wine' Award to Canam student, for the year 2015. Adding golden feather to the Canam's glory is Harminder Singh, a Graduate Diploma Viticulture student at Eastern Institute of Technology in New Zealand who has won the trophy for being the 'Best Student Wine' in this year's Hawke's Bay A&P Bayleys Wine Awards. The Hawke's Bay A&P Bayleys Wine Awards, now in its 15th edition is the oldest regional wine awards competition in New Zealand. The objective behind these awards is to recognize, encourage and rejoice excellence in wine making in the Hawke's Bay region as well as endorsing the contribution viticulture has to the economic, cultural and social well-being of Hawke's Bay. He has received silver medal for his 2015 Sauvignon Blanc.
It is great achievement for Canam. Harminder Singh himself is amazed to have been selected for this award. Despite being a viticulture student, he managed to win this award for making wine! He was presented with the trophy at the Wine Awards Dinner.
Harminder undoubtedly is a very hard working student and his efforts have really paid off well.
Speaking on the occasion Helen Kemp, International Marketing Manager, Eastern Institute of Technology elaborates; "This is great news for you to pass on to the potential Wine students. We have had the most Graduate Diploma Oenology and Viticulture students than ever before and it is good testimony to a quality student from Canam. I think Harminder was pretty surprised as he is doing the Viticulture programme and he still won the prize for actually making the wine."


Malini Sengupta, Royal Roads University, Canada

Delivering Sparkling Success Infinitely

Malini Sengupta, Representative, Royal Roads University (RRU), Canada and who is also an ex-student of RRU and successfully got her visa to Canada through Canam Consultants shares her life's success story in an e-mail interview with Pallavi Majha, Chief Sub Editor, Canam Consultants Limited

Extracts from the Interview

Malini is all set to represent Royal Roads University at Canadian Universities and Colleges Admissions Fair and Workshop to be organized by Canam Consultants Limited across ten locations in India from April 16 to 26, 2015.
It is matter of great honor and pride for Canam Consultants that Malini's association with Canam Consultants is not new rather she has filed her application for admission and student visa processing for Canada through Canam Consultants Limited's branch in Kolkata in 2011.
Regarding her experience with Canam, Malini informs: "When I first decided to apply in 2011 for higher education in Canada, I went to Canam, as the organization has enjoyed for more than two decades the reputation for being the top Education Consultant for Canada. Since I was a working professional with 10 + years of work experience, Canam Team guided me appropriately to select the right institute and perfect education destination. My visa process was done quite smoothly. I must say, Canam is the best in preparing the papers and in processing application. In my case it was even more difficult as I wasn't a conventional applicant. I had done my Masters and had 10 years of work experience. Canam team didn't take any extra time and only essential time was taken to get my entire paper work ready as per the visa requirement."
Highlighting the inspiration behind her success so far Malini informs; "Two individuals have had a strong influence on my life, and they are my parents. Both widely travelled biologists - my father devoted his life to research and academia, while my mother established and ran a toxicology laboratory in India. Together they instilled in me two important lessons: action speaks louder than words and education is the key to success."
Expressing the efforts put in by Malini towards her career she informs; "Throughout my career I have focused on investing 100% into my work, and simultaneously looked for opportunities to further my academic pursuits and expand my international exposure, just like my parents."
Elaborating on the reasons responsible for selecting the proposed program Malini informs; "After 10 + years of international exposure, I wanted to understand business from a macro and strategic view-point in order to move to the next level. And in this endeavor, I saw Master of Global Management program as my closest ally."
Regarding her experience with RRU Malini informs; "The Master of Global Management program helped me to build upon my strong exposure to human resource management, superior analytical skills and technological knowhow."
Moreover, Malini has made Canada her Permanent Home. It is the country, where her parents met 40 years ago, while pursuing their post-doctoral research. Thus, Canada is a country which is very close to her heart. Malini has grown up in Kolkata, and she has gained 10 years of international HR and Marketing experience working in the UK, Canada and in India with US-based corporations. To take her career to the next level Malini decided to complete her second Masters in Management from Royal Roads University (RRU).
Malini has worked very hard to complete her 18 months of program and to secure a position of Communication Intern with a CleanTech Company in Vancouver. Within three months she secured a permanent role as a Communication Manager and made her way through multiple roles, including recruitment and administration, which was her last title.
As for her future career prospects are concerned Malini informs: "Now after working for more than three and half years in Canada armed with her Master's degree and Canadian Permanent Residency, to tour India and share my experience with others."
Click here to see her testimonials online Video


Anandteerth Parvatikar, University of Sussex in Brighton, UK

Successful voyage from Mumbai in India to University of Sussex in Brighton, UK

Anandteerth Parvatikar has recently moved to University of Sussex in Brighton, UK to pursue his Masters in Astro Physics.
Enthusiastically sharing his amazing experience with CANAM unisearch Anandteerth writes; "Thank you very much for all the valuable support, concerned guidance, assisting me at every step, and conveying important information generously to me, during my application and till my successful entry to University of Sussex."
Sharing his voyage from Mumbai in India to the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK Anandteerth further elaborates; "It was really an exciting journey as I was flying for the first time and that too to an international destination. I had landed in Brighton, UK on September 12, 2014. I really appreciate the way CANAM unisearch has made things easier and interesting for me. I got adequate guidance for preparing my documents and fulfilling other formalities. Fortunately, I did not ever experience even a minor hurdle after landing here, and the immigration process was really very smooth. I reached Brighton in Coach arranged by University and everything was well arranged before my arrival."
Anandteerth considers himself fortunate to have born to well informed and educated parents who were really very supportive in his pre-planning process that made things quite painless for him and helped him in settling down there.
Highlighting his initial experience with the University Of Sussex in Brighton, Anandteerth said; "The University is really good with all the facilities and provisions, the lecturers are very resourceful and the Department is very good providing with all the resources for academic and non-academic development."
He further informs; "It gives immense pleasure to inform you that I have joined a Research Project in my Department under a Senior Professor and I am doing well here."


Arundati Dandapani - winner of an e-book competition! University of Stirling

Canam student announced winner of an e-book competition!
A Canam student excels in literary work. Herald - Scotland while celebrating, 'the rise of e-book in Scotland' held a competition and invited readers to send in pitch for a book that could be written, or created, with digital publication in mind.
The entry of Ms Arundati Dandapani, a Canam student who is currently pursuing MLitt Publishing Studies at University of Stirling, Scotland was found to be well crafted and caught the attention of the judges. She won the runner up prize in the competition and was awarded a gift tin containing five digital novels on a USB stick.
In her work she had narrated very meticulously the joy and melancholy feelings of a 12 year old boy who travels alone in an airline which had to be diverted due to bomb scare and landed in an island which has not been exposed to the public eye since the last tsunami! Well done!


Avik Chakraborty, Centennial College, Canada

CANAM: eventually leading students to a gratifying career

Utkarsh Bahuja
Fanshawe College

It would not be erroneous to state that the ultimate aim at Canam is to help students acquire the skills and expertise that will prepare them for a rewarding career in future.
Proving this ultimate aim at Canam absolutely genuine is Avik Chakraborty from Kolkata, who went to Canada in January 2010 to study 'Computer System Networking' at Centennial College. After achieving tremendous success in his Computer System Networking program in Canada, Avik managed to become a part of the Moneris Solution.
Moneris Solutions established in December 2000 as a joint investment between RBC Royal Bank and BMO Bank of Montreal, is the largest processor and acquirer of debit and credit card payments in Canada. The company is world recognized for offering innovative technology and unparalleled customer service to merchant of all sizes. Avik is currently, working in the IT department of the company.
Conveying his heartiest thanks to Canam, Avik Chakraborty said; "Canam is one best international education consulting firm in India. Right from selecting an appropriate program available in one of best Canadian institutes, to filing of papers for admissions and then applying for study visa, Canam took responsibility for everything and very efficiently the team at Canam managed to get me my study visa. On reaching Toronto, I met three more Indian students who had also come to Canada on study visa with Canam's assistance."
Sharing his experience of being a part of Centennial College Avik informed; "I must admit here that I really consider myself fortunate to have visited Canam Kolkata office who suggested me to study at Centennial College. It is one of the best Canadian Colleges. Besides academics the college facilities, environment, study culture and multi cultural society prepared me to work in any country across the world."
Highlighting his hard work Avik said; "It was only my efforts that I took at Centennial College that are paying me well today as, currently I am working full time at a permanent position at Moneris Solutions, with all benefits."


Utkarsh Bahuja, Fanshawe College

"Canam Student received President's Honour Roll for outstanding performance"

Utkarsh Bahuja
Fanshawe College

It is a proud moment for Canam to share the outstanding performance of Utkarsh Bahuja who went to Fanshawe College, Canada for Business Studies through us in 2010.
Utkarsh Bahuja is presented with the LONDON LIFE ACADEMIC AWARD in BUSINESS STUDIES at the Faculty of Information Technology and Lawrence Kinlin School of Business Awards ceremony held on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 in the Colvin Atrium.
Elaborating on the success and achievement of Utkarsh, Judith Smith, Development Associate, Fanshawe College Foundation said; "Utkarsh was one of the student ambassadors during my brief tenure in the department and I am thrilled that his hard work and achievements are recognized."
Utkarsh also received President's Honour Roll for outstanding performance. In 2011, Fanshawe College had over 400 successful International student graduates and out of these, 39 of its graduates made it to the President's Honour Roll. To make to this list, the student had to achieve an "A" in all classes and end with a GPA of over 4.0. Utkarsh was one of these international students. On October 13, 2012, the winners were awarded cheques to acknowledge their success at a formal dinner hosted by the President, Dr. Howard Rundle and supported by their Chairs and faculty. These students have shown a dedication and commitment to their future that is outstanding.
Acknowledging the support of Canam Consultants in sending students to their college Ms. Faith Maudsley, CSR/ Host Program Coordinator, Fanshawe International Centre, said: "The student named Utkarsh Bahuja, got admitted to Fanshawe College through Canam Consultants and was present at the awards ceremony. We are grateful for your continued support and excellent choice in sending students to Fanshawe College in London, Canada."


Archit Bansal, Fraser International College (FIC) at Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Canam directed me to a path, that leads to a better life

Archit Bansal

Business Administration at Fraser International College (FIC) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) for the Fall-2013 intake It takes just a few moments to change your life! This phrase became instrumental for Archit Bansal who went to Canada to study Business Administration at Fraser International College (FIC) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) for the Fall-2013 intake.
Archit visited Canadian Education Fair, organized by Canam Consultants Limited at Hotel Taj Chandigarh 2013, with some of his friends who were aspiring to move to Canada for higher studies. Archit had never thought that this visit to the event will change his life forever. Archit had not visited the fair with any objective of applying for admission to any University abroad. However, the kind of exposure and knowledge that Archit experienced at the event completely changed his mind-set and before leaving for home he was totally convinced as a result of the counseling and visa sessions offered by the Canam Team at the fair.
He went home and shared his experience of his visit to the Canadian Education Fair, with his parents and expressed his desire to move to Canadian University to study Business Administration.
Archit feels; "The decision to pursue my studies from FIC at SFU was the most positive decision I had taken in my life."
It gives us immense pleasure to share that Archit has performed extremely well in all his endeavors at SFU. He joined a number of programs gradually and also secured second position in a case competition. Archit has also been a Former member and current Co-coordinator of FIC Act program and Runner's up at Gateway Case Competition, member of orientation group and peer education program.
Highlighting the achievements of Archit Bansal, Elise Goodreault, FIC's Student Services Coordinator, says: "Archit has become a valuable member of the FIC community since his arrival in Canada. I have been lucky enough to see his growth as a student and as a leader. I am excited to see where he goes and what he does when he transfers to SFU."
Archit highlights: "To be honest, studying at prestigious institutions is not easy, but the experience is worth the effort as you learn so much and grow to take on life as it comes."


Harsimran Singh Bedi, Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Canada

Success Beyond Boundaries

Harsimran Singh Bedi

Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Canada for Computer System Technician – Software Engineering Program At age of 18, when majority of the adolescents are busy going to college, enjoying with friends at popular hangout zones, take pleasure in bike rides and making friends with opposite gender Harsimran Singh Bedi had already made some great plans for his excellent career and brilliant future ahead.
Born and brought up in the beautiful city of Chandigarh, Harsimran has done his schooling from St. Annes Convent School in first division. Computes have been his passion since his early school days and he was a fast learner. Along with an amazingly presentable personality, mesmerizing smile and an intellectual attitude, Harsimran is gifted with multiple skills with the Grace of Almighty and he doesn't shy away from attributing all his accomplishments and achievements to his parents and to God.
Quite sure of what next he would like to pursue after his twelfth, Harsimran visited Canam Consultants Chandigarh office in 2011, seeking admission to a Canadian College to pursue a computers related program to accomplish his dream of becoming a successful computer professional. An enchanting persona and an astonishing astuteness of Harsimran Singh Bedi, was sufficient for Canam to forecast a bright scholar in the making during his very visit to Canam's office.
Recognizing his amazing potential for computers Canam suggested him to move to Canada to Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning for Computer System Technician – Software Engineering Program in January 2012. Today it is proud momemt for all of us at Canam, to share that Harsimran has topped in his engineering course by scoring an exceptionally outstanding marks of 4 out of 4 CGPA, and has set an altogether new record. In his previous Semesters too, he has scored remarkably well and has consistently scored highest marks throughout his academic program.
Speaking on the occasion of his son's marvelous achievement; Harsimran's father, Mr KDS Bedi said; "With folded hands we humbly bow before Akal Purakhji in complete submission to thank Him for his bountifulness for the successful culmination and best performance by Harsimran in his engineering course. We sincerely wish to thank everyone for all the love and fantastic support extended to Sam throughout his stay in Canada. Harsimran too wants to convey his sincerest thanks to all, for the wonderful help and sincere guidance, in whatever manner, for helping him to accomplish his ambitious dream of studying in Canada." Harsimran has also excelled in his Co-op term and has been awarded with the prestigious BlackBerry Campus Ambassador Scholarship by RIM - Research In Motion (BlackBerry). This award is in recognition of his outstanding achievement for Commitment as well as for exceeding the company's expectations and contributing to RIM's splendid success. Harsimran has also participated in the prestigious RIM's Software Development Team in Ottawa during the historic world-wide launch of BlackBerry Z10.
On sharing this good news while congratulating Harsimran on winning this prestigious BlackBerry Scholarship, this is what Stefanie Chan, his BlackBerry Program Coordinator, Campus Programs, BlackBerry had to say: "It was our pleasure to award you with the Campus Ambassador Scholarship. Your enthusiasm for BlackBerry and the Campus Ambassador Program is beyond compare and we are extremely happy that you had such a great experience with the company. Thank you so much for your amazing work throughout your terms and for your continual dedication to the company. I hope to see you back at BlackBerry in the future! It has been a pleasure to work with you." Though Harsimran had been an ardent student throughout his academics even before going to Canada but he has always kept open his gateway to fulfill his other dreams and aspirations. Harsimran participated in the India's most renowned and only unisex Megamodel and Manhunt Pageant and TV reality series - Gladrags Manhunt and Megamodel 2011. Though he could not make it to the finals but this participation and exposure brought him to the limelight and refined his entire personality. Thus, he got the opportunity to act in a short film named p.k. - Kissa Asal Pyaar Da, which is also available on you tube at the following link:
It gives us immense pleasure to inform that the film was premiered at the CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2013, in Canada. The film has won great applaud for conveying the social message of 'Bad impact of growing habit of DRINKING ALCOHAL, among youth across the world.
Conveying his sincere thanks to Canam Harsimran said: "My sincerest thanks to everyone at Canam, for the wonderful help and sincere guidance, in whatever manner, for helping me to accomplish my dream/ambition of studying in Canada."


Trisha, Confederation College

Trisha’s voyage to success

GurneetKaur Chahal
Fanshawe International

Sparkling eyes, confident walk, and a million dollar smile are some of the exceptional expressions that Trisha Mambalum Mahendra carried at the time of her first visit to Canam Bangalore office. An urge to outshine and her luminous outlook of life coupled with her excellent academic records were her inimitable features which were sufficient enough to predict a brilliant international student in the making during her very first acquaintance with Canam.
Today it is proud moment for us to share it with you all that; Trisha who went to study Diploma in Dental Assisting, a one year course at Confederation College in Canada in 2013 is awarded with an 'International Student of the Year Scholarship for Community and Health Sciences' by Confederation College. She is a proud recipient of IEC International Students Awards in the amount of $1000 for the year 2013 for excelling in academics as well as taking part in community events. The scholarship was sponsored by Sarah Blayer.
Trisha had completed her bachelor's degree in Dental Sciences benefitting from the breadth of Oxford Dental College, Bangalore. She strived to maintain an approach of expending independent effort in all the accomplishments of her life. Trisha started with a small counseling session with Canam and soon realized her dream of education abroad coming true. Canam made sustained efforts to promote her career goals and building the ladder to her dreams. In utilizing her strong grasp of fundamentals in dentistry, she embarked on Diploma in Dental Assisting, a one year course at Confederation College.
This award is given to the learners who have access to high quality learning experience. She also gave an interview on CBC radio sharing her experience about how it was being an international student. Trisha has also discussed that how despite of the hardship she had faced in finding accommodation; she was able to manage everything.
When Trisha wrote to Canam enlightening about her achievement at Confederation College, she wrote, "Canam has immensely contributed in molding my career goals and had it not been Canam, I would not have been here." When asked about her experience at Confederation College, she says, "Confederation College offers high quality coursework, curriculum, facilities and learning opportunities which are the factors which motivated me and played a pivotal role in my career."
Dr. Trisha is a wholesome personality and has accepted the challenges of life and has evolved unperturbed by setbacks or successes in life. Her accomplishments would surely prove to be the great source of inspiration for the students aspiring to study abroad.


Gurneet Kaur Chahal, Fanshawe International

Why Canam is the top choice as a consultant for Canadian education providers?

Wendy Curtis, Director,
Fanshawe International


GurneetKaur Chahal
Fanshawe International

Success Story of Gurneet Kaur Chahal, from Canam shared by 'Fanshawe International' Wendy Curtis, Director, Fanshawe International has sent a note of thanks to acknowledge Canam Unisearch's efforts in supporting Fanshawe College SPP India.
Wendy shares the success story of Gurneet Kaur Chahal who went to Fanshawe College from India through Canam Consultants Ltd to study Information Security Management (ISM), a program that is comprehensive and intense.
"Wendy highlights, "...Guneet graduated from this 1-year post graduate certificate on August 22, 2012. Upon completion of ISM, Gurneet applied to another college to further her studies. She was, however, heartbroken at the thought of leaving London, Ontario and decided to continue at Fanshawe College in the new Project Management Program, confident that Project Management would further enhance her employment opportunities."
In her first year of studies here, she had already experienced a strong sense of community with friends, classmates, the International Centre and people in London. She quickly became involved in her local temple which led to her volunteering with the London Food Bank, as well as volunteering at the College. Gurneet was hired in the International Centre as a Part-time Student Ambassador to help in general, but also as a liaison for our students from India. Gurneet was a Fanshawe College host at London's first International Student Welcome day â€" with educational institutions across the City celebrating the unique contributions that international students bring to our City at a London Lightning Basketball Game at Budweiser Gardens. She is currently leading the first on campus student group for our students from India, named the Peer 2 Peer India.
Gurneet was the first successful candidate for a summer internship with Biz Inc., an on-campus project that facilitates entrepreneurship for innovative Fanshawe students.
Her manager at Biz Inc., Darlene O'Neill says; "Gurneet spreads joy and enthusiasm everywhere she goes. While working with us, she quickly became a member of our team and her spirit brightened our workplace. Although her job ended, she continues to be included in all our events and most recently was invited to be in our professional team photo. She has the innate ability to tug your heart and never let go. We are so blessed to have Gurneet as a member of our College, our community and she truly represents the tenderness of the human spirit."
Wendy further says; "She has continued to excel academically, and still finds the time to take charge in organizing events and to share her experiences with other students. Gurneet has been a wonderful addition to our college, our International Centre and our community."
Now that Gurneet has completed her second post-graduate certificate (December 2013), she has secured a position at TD Canada Trust as an Insurance Advisor combining her IT and project management skills with her engaging personality. Gurneet continues to work at Fanshawe College as an ambassador for Fanshawe, for India representing that dreams can be fulfilled.
When we at Canam wrote to Guneet congratulating her, she responded; "I was fortunate to have Canam in India who helped me make my dreams come true. I have no words to express my feelings, just want to say I LOVE CANAM. Really appreciate all your support and cooperation."

Amanat Sandhu, International Marketing Manager, FIC in India

During her recent visit to Canam New Delhi

Amanat Sandhu, who was directed towards Canam, by a friend (who was already studying at Fraser International College - FIC), has recently been awarded with a Co-op job placement with FIC in India, as International Marketing Manager. Also she has received $20,000 scholarship, acknowledging her engagement at FIC and the role she has played in voluntary activities to enhance the intercultural understanding at FIC and SFU.

Amanat went to Canada to pursue her Bachelors of Health Science at Fraser International College (FIC), Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Canada, Vancouver for fall 2015 intake.

Describing her first day experience at FIC, Amanat said; "For my first day at FIC I was nervous, excited and confident, all at the same time. I was nervous because I was stepping outside my comfort zone into something totally new all by myself. I was excited for meeting new people from all around the world and making new friends and connections. And I was confident because I knew that I have made an absolutely right and good decision by coming to study in FIC."

Regarding her achievements at FIC, she informs; "At FIC, I achieved tremendous success both academically and with other ventures such as volunteer and career opportunities, because of which I am pursuing my first co-op in India and received a $20,000 scholarship from my university. It was very surprising to receive this scholarship as it was me who benefitted from all my experiences. I feel grateful towards the FIC community to have recognized my effort and commitment to the community."

Elaborating her connect with students from other countries, Amanat said; "The first time I connected with students from other countries was on the day of orientation, as there were lots of fun activities which involved interaction with other students. Now, I have friends from all over the world, as I worked with them on various volunteer projects and class projects. I met my roommate through a volunteer group and she is from Brazil, we have been roommates for more than a year now and are very close friends."

She further elaborates; "One of the first fun activities, I participated in was Mic Night. It was the first event held in FIC to celebrate new students. Students sign up to perform during the event while all other students have fun and enjoy the performances. I gave dance performances with my volunteer group for 4 different Mic Nights held each semester, and had a great time with all my friends."

Highlighting the various aspects of the education system in Canada, she informs; "The education system in Canada is very different from that of India as it is a lot more flexible and gives students the opportunity to change their program and do what they feel confident doing. I also changed the program, in which, I took admission initially. I have a background of a medical student as I have studied medical in my high school in India, which led me to apply for a health science program in FIC. I later changed to Psychology, as on doing some psychology courses I developed interest in that field and wanted to pursue my education and career in it. I am also looking forward to do a minor in business as I think it is a very interesting combination and is offered in SFU."

While comparing the study methods, infrastructure, and faculty at FIC/SFU with what students get in India; Amanat said; "The education system and study method are very different from that of India, as the study system is very flexible and allows students to explore different fields of interest. Also, students get to choose the classes they wish to take each semester and plan their course load themselves or with the help of advisors. Students also get time to engage in student activities and volunteer groups, which are helpful in building a strong student profile in Canada."

Elaborating on the benefits of studying abroad Amanat says: "Studying abroad has equipped me with the skills to work and communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds which would be very helpful for my career as I will be confident to work in a multicultural and diverse environment. Also, it has helped me to learn to live independently and discover my capabilities, which I would not have been able to discover staying in India."

Sharing her experience with Canam, Amanat informs; "My experience with Canam was smooth and helpful as everything happened on timely basis and all the complications were resolved with the help of the Canam staff. Moreover, I also took my IELTS classes at Canam and scored an overall 7.5 bands. Canam also helped me choose the right program for myself based on my qualification and interests, which encouraged me to pursue my education at FIC, Canada. I am very grateful to the Canam for leading me to all the opportunities available to me today."

She also highlights; "The Counselors at Canam are well informed and are readily helpful and available. Also, they give personal attention to each detail which proved to be very helpful at times when I made any mistake with the documents or otherwise. All in all, my experience with Canam was great and I am very thankful for the support and wish that they continue to provide such excellent support to students across India."

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