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Canam – The Best Overseas Education Consultant in Mumbai - Thane West

Get started on your path to a successful career with Canam Education, the world's premier global education. We assist students in deciding to study abroad.  Canam Study Abroad works with significant countries such as the United States (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We have offices in over 30 cities in India. Our team of approximately 500+ qualified counsellors is committed to helping students fulfil their academic journey. Our study abroad consultant in Mumbai- Thane helps students get opportunities in other countries.

Mumbai is a mash-up of renowned vintage architecture, stunningly modern skylines, cultural and traditional monuments, and other structures. Mumbai is rich in art, history, culture, gastronomy, performing arts, movies and nightlife. Canam has years of admission consultancy experience and is one of Mumbai's leading study-abroad consultants in Thane West. Canam Mumbai counsellors are experienced in how to aid you. We work with students daily, and our team of experts can assist you with your international educational needs, from course selection to visa requirements and career counselling.

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Services Offered:

Canam offers several services to students to start their overseas study abroad adventure.
1. Language Exam Preparation:
Canam supports students in qualifying for their standardized language proficiency tests. Students who plan to study in a country where their native language differs from their first language must take such tests.

2. Expert Admission Guidance:
Counsellors deeply understand the entrance process. They help to shortlist institutes and programs for students according to their profiles.

• Overseas education consultancy
• Personalized Advice
• Institute Selection

3. Scholarship Assistance:
Canam education consultants advise students in deciding, applying and how to receive scholarships to support their studies.

• Preparing Recommendations
• Academic Background

4. Financial Guidance:
Canam has created relationships with several institutions, allowing students to acquire affordable education through accredited financial institutions and private banks.

• Loans at Affordable Rates
• Academic Guidance Loan

5. Real-time Application Tracking and Updates:
Applicants can track the status of their status of applications and get up-to-date notifications about the registration process and programs. 

• Personal focus on each student
• Application submitting and Reporting

6. Travel Support:
Canam realized the need to give students travel guidance before leaving their country, as well as current approaches and organized plans.
• Travel Dates and Discounts
• Currency Exchange Guidance
• Planning Travel Itinerary

Why Choose Canam?

1. We’re Certified- Canam has received authorization and praise from prestigious institutes and colleges worldwide. 
2. Easily Accessible – Canam also provides online services to ensure students can interact with our counsellors from anywhere through a digital platform.
3. Successful Applications- Canam has an acquisition completion rate of over 97%.
4. Top Choice of Millions- We are an internationally recognized company in overseas educational consultants partially because of our extensive knowledge and simple procedure.
5. Direct Connect with University/College Delegates- Canam organizes university and college fairs where candidates can meet with officials from renowned educational institutions.
6. Full Assistance- Canam provides full assistance from university selection to pre-departure services.

Benefits of choosing us

• Application fee waivers
• Free Profile Assessment
• Virtual Internship
• World-class education facility
• Scholarships, co-op Options
• Regular Webinars and fairs

FAQs About Study Abroad Consultants in Mumbai - Thane West

Canam services are entirely free of charge, including visa assistance.

Yes, a study abroad consultant may help you through the entire process of enrolling in your desired programs, which include:

Students must submit their English language exam results, LORs, SOPs, and other required documentation. These requirements can differ significantly based on the university and programs.

For international students, each university/college has its admission requirements.

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