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Europe as Study Abroad Choice for Indian Students

A continent as unique and diverse as Europe is fast emerging as the preference for overseas education for Indian students. A moderate ‘study abroad’ centric population of India nowadays is choosing to study in Europe, a continent which has many attractive global education destinations in addition to the scenic beauty and a flourishing professional life.

What makes Australia a preferred study destination for Indians?

Australia is fast emerging as a preferred study destination for Indian as well as International student. This fact has been vouched by the recent figures shared by Australian Financial Review which says that out of half a million international students studying at Australian universities, a large number of enrolments are by Indians. It is reported

Study in Canada with the help of Canam Consultants

Canada Education is one of the goals for millions of youth all across India because Canada is among the finest education destinations and for all the right reasons! Its great value for your money, a very safe country, and they need more young people with skills to drive their economy. This is just the article

Study in Canada – The Best Time is NOW

For everyone who is harbouring Study Abroad dreams, Canada is a warm and welcoming destination. It has some of the most promising career opportunities along with many advantages that would make you want to consider it seriously. When it comes to securing a well paying career in Canada, telecommunications, video gaming and digital media are

How Much gap is Acceptable for Canadian Studies Visa?

Studying in Canada can be a big break for an aspiring student who seeks to earn an academic advantage and an international work exposure. Prior knowledge on the foreign country where the student is planning to study helps in understanding the culture and people and also helps in adjusting to the new environment. International students,

Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations for 2018

The growing curiosity and inquisitiveness among students to study in a research-based education system rather than the usual theoretical and project-based education system is making international education more popular as more and more students are striving to study abroad. The foremost reasons behind growing number of Indian students opting to study abroad is the fact,

How Much Does it Cost For Masters in Canada?

Canada is the most preferred destinations for international students offering a plethora of experiences and prospects in a country known for its vastness, multicultural society, and untouched natural beauty. Studying a Master’s degree in Canada has become an increasingly popular option especially for Indian students. For those who seek a high-quality postgraduate learning experience, Canada

A Guide To Apply For Canadian Student Visa

Canada continues to be dream destination for a large number of students across the world. However, to get there, a student must first apply for a Canadian Student Visa facilitated by Visa Application Centers. At Canam, we are focused on our customer-centric philosophy. By providing them world-class customer service, we help our clients to achieve

Band Required for Canada Study Visa

Canada is a dream destination for anyone who aspires to acquire an international education. In India, if we talk about the most popular international education destination than it is none other Canada. The factors that make Canada, the most preferred choice may include; world’s highest quality of life, safe learning, and high standard of education

Leading the way with Masters of Business Administration

An MBA degree is considered to be something that gives you an image of the corporate world. It may not always be about the flowcharts or board meetings but it will always be about enhancing problem-solving skills, resource and time management etc. MBA degree is widely accepted in all walks and different streams of life,