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Top Cities to Study in Germany

  • Top Cities to Study in Germany

With its renowned Oktoberfest celebrations, rich culture, chief European location, vast political history, popular philosophers, affordable tuition fee and wide economy, no wonder why Germany has been growing undeviatingly as a popular study abroad destination.

Being the most popular European study destination to study, Germany has some top cities which are most preferred by international students.

1. Aachen

A small city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Aachen is well known for Life Sciences, STEM Majors and innovative courses. The city is known for its charm and also used to be a Roman bath. Students who aspire to connect with technology and pursue courses like mechanical engineering, automotive and manufacturing technology, or medical technology, then Aachen is the best option to consider.  It is home to Europe’s popular technology universities: RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen.  Not only this, the very famous research and academic hospital that’s a part of RWTH Aachen, Klinikum Aachen is also located here making it the city with one of the largest medical facilities in Europe.

2. Berlin

The largest city in Germany, a metropolitan rich in culture and history, Berlin is one of the most preferred cities to study in Germany.  It includes Germany’s biggest concentration of universities and research institutions. It consists of two top-ranked universities in the world; Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and the Freie Universität Berlin.  Students who adore art and history would enjoy Berlin and would be best option for them as it is home to immense number of museums and historical places like Neues Museum, the Topography of Terror, the Jewish Museum, the Bauhaus Archivesthe East Side Gallery, the DDR Museum, the Allied Museum, and the very famous Berlin Wall Memorial.  There’s much more to do in this city rather than just seeking for its history as it offers plenty of social events, nightlife and good places for hopping.

3. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is known as the financial capital of Europe and is the city where the European Central Bank is located. The economy of Germany is dependent mainly on Frankfurt’s economy as it is home to the largest Stock Exchanges in the World. This city is best for students who want to go ahead in the business world and want to contribute to the global economy.  The famous universities situated in Berlin are Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt, University of Music and Performing Arts and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. All the features of this city make it in the list of top cities to study in Germany.

4. Hamburg

A major port city in Germany containing hundreds of canals and large areas of park and wetlands, Hamburg is one beautiful study destination in Germany. It is a perfect destination for urban city planners, architects and engineers. The city is a hub of well-known universities, viz. Hamburg University, University of Music and Theatre, HafenCity University Hamburg focusing only on architecture and metropolitan development, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and the Hamburg University of Technology.

5.  Munich

With plenty of academic opportunities and being Germany’s largest state, Munich is home to renowned Universities like the Technical University of Munich, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich offering various entrepreneurial-focused courses and much more. It is also known to be a very cordial and welcoming city. It offers international students tremendous and unforgettable experiences.

Choosing a city to study in could put students in a dilemma so to be clear and specific; Canam Unisearch guides them to select a city that will prove to be best for them.

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