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Nursing Program in Australia

  • Nursing Program in Australia

Nursing has become a very popular course amongst students planning to study medical program abroad. Australia has come up as one of the top destinations for studying abroad. Plus, the country has the most in-demand occupations for nursing. Hence, many people wish to study nursing in Australia. Medical colleges in Australia offer several specializations in this field, such as Child Nursing, Disability Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, and adult nursing. Please stick with us to the end of the blog to know about the nursing program in Australia.

If you are looking for an undergraduate degree in nursing in Australia, the Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) and Bachelor of Science (BSc.) are great options for you. If you wish to pursue a master’s program, you can either go for a Master of Nursing Science or Master of Science (MS.c). Doctor of philosophy, if looking to take up a doctoral degree. You can go for graduate certificates and graduate diplomas if looking for short-term program .

Specializations in Nursing

Since there are many nursing program in Australia, there are various options to choose from when it comes to specialization. You can choose these program once you are through with your undergraduate

Diabetes Nursing

Cancer Care

Critical and Emergency Care

Mental Health Care

Forensic Nursing

Palliative Care

Correctional Facility Nursing

Acute and Complex Care

Nursing program in Australia and their fees

There are many other nursing program offered by Australian universities. The fees vary from course to course.

Bachelor of Nursing Science

Approximately AUD 29920

Bachelor of Midwifery

Approximately AUD 34736

Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies)

Approximately AUD 32412

Bachelor of Nursing

Approximately AUD 19030

Master of Nursing Practice

Approximately AUD 29052

Master of Midwifery

Approximately AUD 30,800

Master of Advanced Nursing

Approximately AUD 17640

Graduate Diploma in Midwifery

Approximately AUD 24120

Graduate Diploma in Palliative Care

Approximately AUD 17640

Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing)

Approximately AUD 35000

Doctor of Philosophy (Health)

Approximately AUD 33000

PhD in Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Approximately AUD 46512

Eligibility Criteria for a nursing course in Australia

Let's find out the eligibility criteria for different nursing program in Australia. They are mentioned below:

For Bachelors
● A student must have qualified a 10+2 exam from a recognized board.
● A student must maintain a Grade Point Average of 5.5, i.e. 50% at the senior secondary school level.
● A student must have taken an English language proficiency test.

For Masters
● A student must have completed three years of Graduation from a recognized university.
● They must have an RN (Registered Nurse) License.
● A student must have a (CGPA) or Cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 7.5, i.e. 60%
● English language proficiency test is a must.

For PhD
● Students must have completed a graduate degree and a two years Master’s program from a recognized university.
● A Registered Nurse (RN) License
● The GPA or the Grade Point Average of at least 3 (55%) at the masters’ level.
● English language proficiency test is a must.

There are many medical program in Australia and nursing program have gained traction in recent years. We hope we addressed all your questions and doubts regarding medical program in Australia.

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