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A Perfect Study Abroad Guide for Parents

  • A Perfect Study Abroad Guide for Parents

Studying abroad is not a challenge for students but for their parents too, in fact it is tougher for them to send their children to an entirely new place. It is one of the bravest decisions that they have to make for their only assets. But then it is a great opportunity for the children as they will be exposed to an international experience that will widen up their horizons and thinking.  Being one of the biggest challenges for the students, so being a parent it is important to support them and be an active part of this process.

There are certain points that a parent of an international student should keep in mind and can be a perfect study guide for parents:

1.  Be open with the child
It is very important for a parent to be open with the child and try to understand their reason of going abroad. It could be career oriented or personal. To be able to guide the child, it’s necessary to know what he’s seeking for.

2.  Extensive research
The child does his part of research but as a parent to be sure of the country and the course, the child wants to pursue, it’s their responsibility also to research extensively about the course and the university that will best suit them. As a parent, they know best about their children and they can take better decisions for them.

3.  Understand the Challenges
It’s essential to understand and know the challenges that a parent could face. So, talk to the people who have sent their children abroad to understand their experiences and also learn from the things they have missed during the preparations. This will help the parents to be as specific they can.

4.  Go for Counseling
Canam offers counseling for both the students and their parents who wish to study overseas. This helps them to understand the culture and the requirements that they need for studying abroad. Both parents and students should be well prepared of the new experience they will face in the new environment.

5.  Financial information
The cost of studying abroad is always more than that of studying in the home country. So, it’s very important to know about all the costs involved in the process of studying abroad.  It is a whole lot of responsibility on the parent for arranging the sufficient amount of funds for their children to study abroad. Not only tuition fee but the living costs, medical, visa costs and all other miscellaneous costs are to be included in the budget.  The budget is a mirror image of the financials that will be required for studying overseas.

6.  Health Safety
As a parent, it’s their duty to be very careful and cautious about the child’s health as there will be a huge difference in the temperatures of both the countries. Also, the child will be fully independent without any support of the parents, so it’s important to take all the necessary precautions for maintaining a good health.  Make a list of all the prescriptions that a child takes and also seek doctor’s help for knowing about the same medicine brands available in the study destination.

7.  Travel safety
It’s daunting to send the child thousands miles away and that is why it is important to be sure about their travel safety.
1.    The child should be insured before leaving by taking the travel insurance.
2.    Be aware about the local laws and international student rights.
3.    The students should be vaccinated well before for common diseases in a new destination.
4.    Both parents and students should keep emergency contacts.
5.    Explain and equip the children well with the travel safety kit

Parents need not to bother about the process of sending their children abroad, as Canam Consultants is just a doorstep away to guide them for the process. They will be assisted in all the terms.

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