Top Universities to Study in Ireland in 2020

Top Universities to Study in Ireland in 2020

Ireland is a beautiful island nation with a populartion of roughly 5 million people. It has often been referred to as the land of saints and scholars, that is especially due to the stellar education and highly acclaimed universities in the country. The capital city Dublin is home to some spectacular universities and has produced famous writers and poets such as James Joyce, WB Yeats.

The excellent educational institutes in the Republic of Ireland have made it a top choice among students and over the years we see more and more students traveling to the country in search of a better education.The students graduating from Irish universities are typified by their skills, leadership quality, and ability to work in a corporate environment.

This write up will entail the best universities in Ireland, in terms of education, student employment, academic performance, and student services.


Trinity College is not only the best in Ireland but is often considered as one of the best institutions across the globe. It was established in the year 1592 and is known to be Ireland’s oldest educational institution. It has produced numerous scholars and great writers, and is widely known as Ireland’s best research university. The college has garnered a reputation among students due to its personalised tutoring services, and a campus based acadenic advising centre that helps students go in the right direction. Among the most famous alumni of the college are William Rowan Hamilton, Bram Stoker, Mairead Maguire, and many more. The college is currently home to over 17,000 students studying across three main academic faculties:

  1. Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences
  3. Health Sciences

University College, Dublin is one of the most distinguished academic institution in Ireland established in year 1854. It is one of the largest consolidation of universities in the country and has become a top choice among students looking to study in Ireland. UCD comprises of a total of six colleges, over 37 associated schools, and numerous research institutes and centres as well. Apart from undergraduate programs, each college has its own Graduate School for the post graduate students. These colleges are:

  1. College of Arts and Humanities
  2. College of Business
  3. College of Engineering and Architecture
  4. College of Health and Agricultural Sciences
  5. College of Social Sciences and Law
  6. College of Science

National University of Ireland is located in Galway was established in the years 1845 and is one of the most popular research institution in Ireland. The University is a prestigious member of the Coimbra Group which is a network of 40 European Universities. Over the years, the university has become a top choice among students and we see more international students seeking admission in this University. The students can study programs at the five main colleges at the university:

  1. College of Arts, Social Sciences & Celtic Studies
  2. College of Business, Public Policy & Law
  3. College of Engineering & Informatics
  4. College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences
  5. College of Science

University of Limerick is a widelt acclaimed university situated in Limerick, Ireland founded in the year 1972. The university is located in a picturesque location, and its campus lies both sides around the River Shanon. Currently the university is home to 11,000 graduate students, which also include roughly 3000 international students. Along with that, the university also imparts education to part time students and around 1300 postgraduate students. The University has four main faculties:

  1. Kemmy Business School
  2. Faculty of Education & Health Sciences
  3. Faculty of Science & Engineering
  4. Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

These are the top universities to study in Ireland for international students. Along with these, a number of other stellar institutions have become a top choice among students looking for an amazing education opportunity abroad.