Top Reasons to Choose Ireland as A Study Destination

Study in Ireland

If you want to commence your academic journey and pursue your higher education in a foreign country, Ireland is one of the ideal destinations that you must consider. Ireland is the home to some of the leading universities in the world and has beautiful cities, stunning scenic beauty, and the convenience of natively spoken English language to offer. The academic institutions give their students an array of programs to choose from and also provide them with a high-quality learning experience to enhance their future career prospects.

Below are some of the reasons why Ireland should be at the top of your study abroad destination list:

· Strong sense of community

Irish are some of the most jovial and warm people you will come across. Whether in a pub or at a concert, Irish look to have a gala time and have a laugh. If you are a foreigner, they are more than happy to have a smile or enjoy their stories with you.

· Opportunity to expand your mental horizons and experience a new culture

Studying abroad gives students the chance to learn about new cultures and countries, which provides them with a definite edge in the employment market. This advantage is because the students who choose to stay in their home countries and pursue their education cannot gain new experiences and hence are not considered dynamic as per the job market. Therefore studying in Ireland will provide you with a once in a lifetime experience that will shape your character and career.

· Great education system

Irish universities offer a large number of study programs for all its students and have world-class study programs in the field of pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and technology. Also, the longer you pursue your education in Ireland. Then it becomes highly likely that your credits are transferred to the other countries across the world and likely even your home country where you can complete your degree.

· Number of work opportunities for students

For a lot of students, earning money while pursuing their education is extremely important. In Ireland, the government permits students to apply for a work permit. Many universities also offer internships to assist students in acquiring practical experience in their respective fields of study. There are also several financing options for education abroad in Ireland. If you do not fancy doing a job there, then you can apply for a scholarship based on your academic record, which will help you with funding your education.

· Experience a unique Irish culture

Ireland got independence from the United Kingdom in 1922, but Irish history goes way back much farther than that. Ireland has one of the oldest forts in the world, Dun Aonghasa, which was built in 1100 BC and also it has tombs which are in Listoghil, which date back to almost 3500 BC. Ireland provides a unique opportunity to experience one of a kind of sports, music, and overall culture.

· Affordability

Ireland is more affordable than other bigger metropolitans such as London, Paris, New York, etc., which is a huge advantage for students who are on a tight budget. Also, it is incredibly beneficial for students who are taking English classes on the side.

· Location

Another great reason one should look to study in Ireland is because of its location. It’s centrally located in Europe, which makes it very easy for students to go and visit other parts of Europe.

· Learn new languages

Gaelic is a language that is exclusive to Ireland, but English is spoken popularly in Ireland. You do need to know English before coming to Ireland to study as many colleges, and universities offer English language courses to its students to help them with their English speaking skills. There are also lots of opportunities for international students to acquire new languages, as studying overseas provides an ideal opportunity for students to improve their language skills.

· Lot of things to do and see

Ireland is among a few countries of the world which successfully protects and conserves its natural beauty in spite of its progress and continuous development. This is one reason which makes Ireland a genuinely great study abroad destination for students who like to combine studies while seeing and experiencing a new country. There are several gorgeous areas to see and explore, including The Giant’s Causeway and the Cliffs of Moher. If you like watching sports, especially soccer, then be sure to watch it in an Irish pub. It provides a great atmosphere as well as food and drinks to all the sports lovers. In brief, it is safe to assume that there will never be a dull moment while studying in Ireland.