Requirements for Getting Student Visa for USA

Requirements for Getting Student Visa for USA

Out of all the prime international education destinations USA holds the number one position and there are number of factors responsible for this making USA education systems top the list. The most significant of all these reasons is the high flexibility of the US education system that gives students an opportunity to customize their course work to match their specific needs. Acknowledging the benefits of the US education system, large numbers of international students choose USA as their international education destination. The US universities are known to have world renowned faculty and extensively involved in research and technological development. Besides all this the fundamentals of the US learning environment includes; communicative learning, liberal education, independent thinking, freedom of choice, and democratic principles. The successful students from the US educational institutes are highly absorbed the MNCs operating across the globe. The educational institutes in the US are privately as well as publicly owned and run. The higher education system in the US is known to be welcoming, varied, and substantial and is recognized for both its size and quality.

Now, if have made up your mind to study in the US and have minimal knowledge regarding the application process and the student visa for USA, stop worrying anymore. Here is your guide for requirements for getting a student visa for Studying in USA.

Requirements for getting student visa for USA

• Start preparing for the application months before
• Selecting the appropriate institute and the program
• Evaluate your Finances; need to arrange sufficient funds before applying for admission
• I-20 (Acceptance Letter) from the institute: an I-20 is the proof that you have been given admission in the desired course at the selected institute
• Complete the Student Application form
• Provide bank draft for the applicable visa processing fees
• TOEFL/ IELTS score sheet
• Offer letter from university/college
• Visa Application form
• Documents for academic and work experience
• Valid passport
• Proficiency in English
• Proof of SEVIS I-901 fee payment
• Medical reports
• Adequate knowledge of English
• Financial Ability
• Passport size color photograph
• Possesses Good Character Attributes
• Overseas Student Health Cover
• Bank statements, Pay slips etc
• The letter of acceptance from the University
• Evidence of sponsorship

Despite the above, if there is something that you still have doubts about, do not worry at all. The best thing to do in such case is to visit your nearest Canam office, for best guidance and expert advice.