Choosing Your Major to Study in Canada

Choosing Your Major to Study in Canada

Choosing a major to study abroad for next 3-4 years is a huge decision. Therefore, it is okay to feel overwhelmed while choosing a major. You should always select the field of study you are interested in so, and it will open doors to so many opportunities for you. Your career, research, and professional opportunities re directly proportional to major you choose to study in Canada.

Before moving forward on how to choose your major, first, let us first answer the top query, i.e., what is a major?

Major is a specialized area of study that you be pursuing during your degree in Canada. Many top universities and colleges in Canada offer a plethora of majors such as Biology, History, English Literature, Journalism, Engineering, and many more. Once you have chosen your major to study, you will also have the required courses to take along with other general requirements. There are many academic institutes in Canada that also a double major.

When should you choose your major?

This depends on your university and faculty requirements. Many universities and colleges in Canada require students to choose their majors at the end of their first or second year. While in other streams such as Engineering, Information Technology, Journalism, and many more, students may have to choose their major at the time of their acceptance. Also remember your cut-off marks or grads will also play a significant role in selecting a major. Many majors are very competitive than others, therefore, the cut-offs may be higher for them.

Many factors will influence your decision, and they are as follows:

a. The reputation of the institute and a program: 

The overall ranking and reputation of the university and program mostly correlate with the higher quality of education. The global ranking of the university or college may be lower, but do not forget to check the ranking of the program. In most cases, the college ranking might be lower, but the ranking of that particular subject may be higher than that of others. Maybe the specific program it offers is the best in the entire region or even in the whole country and vice-versa. 

b. Employment opportunities

Before choosing a major, it is essential to ask a few questions to yourself. For example, see, the major you are going to choose is in demand or not? What kind of skills you need to require a job after completing your degree. Also, how long will it take to get rid of your debt? Take your time and assess all the questions honestly to make an informed decision. Take some time out and look at all the employment opportunities you will get once you graduate. If you are confused, you can always have a word with the faculty and alumni community for answers.

c. Personal interest

This is one of the most important aspects that you should always consider before choosing a major. Think and answer it very honestly; are you passionate about working in this field? Is it the one you want to pursue life? If you find yourself answering it, YES, then go for it. If you are passionate about it, you will be able to find ways and opportunities no matter what!

If you find yourself answering it, NO, then you should look for another major. Research carefully for your major at your end. Make sure to choose a major that speaks about your passion, your interest in the field.

Some of the most popular majors to chose to study in Canada 



Business and Management Sciences,

Software Engineering, 

Business Administration,

Petroleum or Chemical Engineering,



Specialized Engineering,

And Geosciences

We at Canam understand that choosing a major can be a tough task! If you are facing issues while choosing a major to study in Canada, visit the Canam website where our expert counselors will help you find the right path!