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Study Marketing Abroad in USA

The marketing field has very high competition today but it is equally rewarding too. Businesses in different industries rely on marketing professionals to generate awareness of their brand and increase sales of their products and services.  The study of Marketing allows students better to understand customer needs in the market environment of businesses and find […]

Study in USA for Indian Students after 12th

The USA is the Country with the most international students globally. The Country has got some of the most famous cities top-ranked universities, and studying in the USA offers International students the perfect blend of educational quality and cultural experience. Studying in the USA for Indian students after the 12th is one of the perfect […]

What are the Different Cities in America like?

To study in the USA and live in its amazing cities is a dream of countless Indian students in India today. After all, the country has some top-ranked universities that provide quality education, Academic Flexibility, Research and Training opportunities, and a multicultural environment.  This blog will help you learn about the different cities in America […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Study in USA

Q1. How you can study in USA without IELTS 2022? If you want to study in the universities in the USA, you are required to give the IELTS exam. The Universities in the USA decides the English language certification. You can check on the University’s official website whether they need any English language assessment or […]

How to Get a Scholarship to Study in USA?

Studying in the USA is a dream of almost every Indian student, but only a few turn it into reality. The way to achieve this dream is full of hurdles and requires you to have good finances, educational qualifications, and skills. Numerous students have the necessary credentials to study in the USA but lack finances. […]

Popular intakes in the USA

The United States of America is home to the largest economy, beautiful landscapes and several top-ranked universities, and is also the land of opportunities. The USA is home to the majority of international students across the globe. Universities in the USA have been able to sustain the leading spots in the world university rankings consistently. […]

Masters in International Relations, USA

The USA is listed amongst the top study abroad destinations for seeking quality education. With an incredible Education system in the USA, students wishing to study abroad will level up their knowledge of different cultures and societies and be forced to undergo a perception-altering experience that will gradually change the way they see the field […]

STEM Courses in the USA

The programs related to Science are filled with many career opportunities for those looking forward to pursuing a career in it. One can explore a range of career paths in both the public and private sectors worldwide. When it comes to majoring in Science and Technology, there are many such opportunities while studying in the […]

Working while studying in the USA

Part-time jobs are considered very important by International students once they go abroad to study. There are several methods to earn some extra cash and interact with students from across the globe. Also, part-time jobs help you understand student life and culture. According to the American student visa guidelines, you can work only 20 hours […]