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Life of an International student in Germany

Germany is a beautiful country in the middle of Europe. Germany attracts visitors and students worldwide because of its various advantages, the standard of living, culture, and traditions, and job opportunities. The economy of Germany is also one of the largest in the world and is stable. People have high hopes when they go to

Why Study Management in Germany

With increasing globalisation, a lot of companies are setting up their corporate houses so as to get the best out of the global economy that is rising. Because of this outcome, it has become possible for International students to be able to work in different cities across the world and show their skill and learn.

Best Cities to Study in Germany as an International Student

If you start giving countries one coin each for every great aspect, Germany will bag a sackful of them. The land of innovation and ideas, Germany is well known for its zooming automotive technology, having had a rich history of prominent philosophers, sociologists and scientists including the one who isn’t sure about the universe being

Germany’s Most Popular Jobs

When it comes to well-educated scientists, philosophers, psychologists, and economists, Germany has been at the top for centuries. It is worth mentioning that Marxism was born in Germany and conceived by Karl Marx. If we talk about Sociology, then Max Webber, another famous sociologist is known as the father of Sociology.   Who can forget

Highest Paying Degrees in Germany 2020-2021

Germany is a beautiful country that is famous globally for its top-quality education and abundant employment opportunities. There has been a surge in the number of students seeking admission in German Universities over the years. Over 150 universities in the country offer English courses, which is not very likely for a Non-English speaking country. German

Top Universities to Study in Germany 2020-21

Germany has become increasingly popular among international students over the past few years. The country has a reputable education system, some of the most prestigious universities in the world, and a number of scholarship options and low tuition fees. Germany is home to over 350,000 international students pursuing their education, and more are more are

Why Should You Study in Germany in 2020 ?

Each year the percentage of international students opting for Germany is growing, and more than half of such students stay back in Germany to work. Listed under are the reasons why Germany is so popular amongst international students in 2020. Universities – This higher education powerhouse is base of many globally competent educational institutes like

Complete Undergraduate Admissions Guide to Study in Germany

Germany is home to a world-recognized educational institutes, an innovative and research-based environment, excellent industry interface, making it an incredibly right choice for students. Germany holds everything for everyone. Apart from being one of the most significant academic hubs, Germany is known for its big-city buzz, historic sites, delectable cuisines, famous architecture, and much more.

Reasons to study Engineering Masters in Germany

When you think about Germany, the thing that instantly comes to mind is its safe roads, modern technology, the best cars in the world, and top-notch innovations. These are the results of high research and development practices that Germany puts in for engineering and technology. It is a topmost choice when international students wish to

Top courses in Germany

Germany is appealing to international students as a study abroad option for reasons such as the quality of education, the standard of living, and potential outcomes for the business. Courses in Germany offered by its world-class universities are of phenomenal quality. A few examples of top courses in Germany that students can pick are in the fields of business and management,