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Study in Australia – The Preferred Study Abroad Destination of Indian Students

One cannot neglect that education needs finance for the better learning. This is what study in Australia aims for Indian students. The location that is famous for breathtaking coasts and truly exceptional food has a tremendous organised educational tour for students as well. Believe it or not! In recent years, Australia has marked itself as

What makes Australia a preferred study destination for Indians?

Australia is fast emerging as a preferred study destination for Indian as well as International student. This fact has been vouched by the recent figures shared by Australian Financial Review which says that out of half a million international students studying at Australian universities, a large number of enrolments are by Indians. It is reported

Canada or Australia, which one should you choose for study abroad

The opportunity to Study Abroad is lucrative yet challenging. With time, due to the LPG (Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization) policy of the Indian government, it has become easier to go abroad for studying, touring or settling. The numbers of countries that prove to be good destinations for students who wish to study abroad have increased

How to Plan your Australia Education?

Planning to Study Abroad in Australia? CANAM gives the Best Guidance Having a foreign education qualification on the Resume is something that will kick start your desired career and an Australian Education just adds to the bonus. All Australia study consultants assure that the country is rated among the top 3 study destinations across the

What Makes Australia a Popular Education Destination?

Want to Study in Australia? Hire the Best Australia Education Consultants When it comes to knowing the foreign education hubs in the mind of Indian students, Australia is one of the fastest growing destinations. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is the third largest educational hub that attracts the students from around the world after US and

Popular Courses in Australia

Planned to Study in Australia? CANAM introduces you to the Popular Courses in Australia With a number of institutions, schools, colleges, and universities, serving numerous fields and study courses in Australia, have made it a high priority among the students from nation and abroad to take up their choice of study field, courses and training