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Best Health Programs to Study in Canada in 2022

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Health has been an ever-so-popular field of study and industry, but more so after the global health emergency recently surfaced. New research, new and evolving technologies of diagnosis and treatment, and major developments in management have materialized from quality education in the field. Canada has been at the forefront of mitigating the medical and social effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and that is because of strong systems and the healthcare industry that kept welcoming more international graduates and made their routes easier by opening more permanent residency paths for them.
Education in the field of health in Canada in such times is a golden snitch opportunity. Fields like community medicine, physiotherapy, public health, pharmacy, dental sciences, and nursing are seeing tremendous growth. Sundry job openings are added every year that welcome international graduates.
Listed below are some of the best programs at different levels in health a student can opt for in Canada in 2022:

A bachelor-level program in health focuses on broader aspects of the field. focuses on health, including social aspects of health, to provide students with an interdisciplinary background and skill sets.
Some popular ones are:
Community Health
Health-care Technology
Fee Range*- CAD 17,000 to CAD 60,000 per year (costs may vary with program, university/ college)

A master's program is more thorough and comprehensive in ways that it touches even wider aspects of policy, research, leadership, ethics and decision making, epidemiology, research methodology, and ethics.
Some commonly opted master's programs in health are:
Health Administration
Psychological Science
Public Health
Veterinary Medicine
Kinesiology and Health Studies
Applied Nutrition
Family Studies and Gerontology
Clinical Psychology
Educational Psychology

Fee Range* - CAD 17,000 to CAD 30,000 per year (costs may vary with program, university/ college)
Post Graduate Certificate/ Advanced Diploma:

This certification enhances the qualification of graduates to be specialists in the field. The program touches more upon the occupational aspects alongside skills the specific health problem requires to tackle.

Gerontological Nursing
Digital Health
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Therapeutic Recreation
Addiction and Mental Health
Community and Health Service Navigation
Health Analytics
Functional Genomics
Clinical Consultation
Public Health
Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Fee Range* - CAD 17,000 to CAD 28,000 per year (costs may vary with program, university/ college)
Undergraduate Diploma:

Chemical Lab Technician
Dental Technology
Dental Hygiene
Dental Assistance
Medical Laboratory Technology
Occupational Health

Fee Range* - CAD 15,000 to CAD 23,000 per year (costs may vary with program, university/ college)
Program Duration:




4 Years


2 Years

Post Graduate Certificate

1-2 Years

Undergraduate Diploma

2 Years

Advanced Diploma

3 Years

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility requirements for every program vary from institute to institute, but some common requirements are:
Student must have completed class 12 from the Science stream along with mathematics. However, there are few courses which a student can enroll without mathematics as well.
Student should have scored the necessary English language proficiency score in tests like IELTS, PTE and TOEFL.

To explore some of the most popular programs in Health, log on to the website today or book a counseling session with our expert advisors through the comfort of your home.

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