Advanced Education Prospects in Canada

Advanced Education Prospects in Canada

The majority of the Indian students aspiring to acquire Canadian education prefer to opt for post-graduate degrees or diplomas to enhance their existing skills and attain practical exposure. Advanced education from Canada is undoubtedly directed towards landing a dream job. In India, employers across industries prefer hiring candidates with international qualifications, and gaining a post-graduation degree from Canadian institutes gives an upper edge compared to other candidates in India.

The constantly growing inquisitiveness and keenness among Indian students to study in a focused training research-based education system and their willingness to be a part of the project-based education system has brought the number of Indian students applying to study in Canada to an ever astounding one.

As per ICEF MONITOR’s recent report, India continues to be the big story in Canada’s international education sector. The number of Indian students grew by another 40% in 2018, for the total overall growth of just under 350% since 2014. This amounts to more than 172,600 Indian students in Canada last year, a benchmark that means India will now surpass China as the leading sending market for Canada.

Why Canada is a preferred choice for Indian students?

• Quality of education
• Three-year post-graduation open work permit
• Pathway to permanent residency for graduates in Canada
• Industry Expert Professors
• Great funding options for international students interested in research-based programs
• Safest international education destination in the world
• High-quality of life
• World reckoned educational institutes
• Technologically advanced infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities
• Wide range of programs
• Affordable fee structure
• Scholarship or financial assistance for deserving international students bringing fresh
• Innovative ideas to Canada
• Employers prefer students who have acquired Canadian education.

Why Canada for advanced studies?

International exposure: Students from 190 nationalities study in Canada. Studying in such a culturally diverse but rich environment proves to be a great platform to gain exposure.

Technologically advanced infrastructure: Higher education offered at Canadian institutes is far more superior and advanced than education offered anywhere across the globe. Technologically equipped classrooms, laboratories, libraries, playfields, and the opportunity to visit industries and manufacturing units for research-based projects and industrial exposures makes Canada an apt choice for higher studies.

Availability of specialized programs: Canadian institutes understand the significance of providing industry-specific programs. Thus, aspirants will find a wide variety of talent-specific programs in Canada.

Quality of living: Canadians do not believe in compromising the quality of life, and they value life and take every essential effort towards making it comfortable, safe and satisfying. Thus, students moving to Canada for higher studies will surely experience a better living standard and high-quality life.

Preferred advanced education options in Canada

Students prefer pursuing higher studies in Canada in a wide range of streams, including:

• Business Management
• Hospitality Management
• Engineering: Computers, IT, Oil and Gas, Petroleum
• Information Technology
• Computer Science
• Education
• Fine Arts

So, the prospects seem pretty bright and lucrative for Indian students aspiring to pursue their advanced education from Canada.