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FRANCE: One of the Premier Destinations to Study Creative Arts and Design

The auditory memory of the name of France can take people into a world of cathedrals and châteaux (castles, in French), even those who haven’t actually visited the place; such is the grandeur of France. The nucleus of all haute quality arts; this is where the ripples of Renaissance were felt in the 15th Century.

Why Studying Masters in Ireland is a Brilliant Choice

Ireland, the third-largest island of Europe, is not just a land of great music, literature and castles but a premier choice for study abroad aspirants. Ireland has always engendered a deep appreciation and respect for learning, and today educational attainment rates in the country are among the highest in the world.   Even as far back as

Reasons to Study MBA in Singapore

Singapore – the “lion” city-state of South Asia is a global hub of financial activity and an economic giant. Being a melting pot of Indian, Malay, Chinese and European cultures, it also connects many powerhouse economies. It is also considered one of the most favorable and suitable locations for starting a business.  Singapore has been

Best Cities to Study in Germany as an International Student

If you start giving countries one coin each for every great aspect, Germany will bag a sackful of them. The land of innovation and ideas, Germany is well known for its zooming automotive technology, having had a rich history of prominent philosophers, sociologists and scientists including the one who isn’t sure about the universe being

Top Perks of Studying in New Zealand

Every year, a large number of students take a leap towards their dream by beginning to study in New Zealand. This island country has the all resources and intellect to give the rest of the world a strong sense of competition. Since long students have realized the vast space that it holds on the educational

Why Study MBA in Ireland?

Titled as ‘Land of Saints and Scholars,’ Ireland has always been the center for learning in Europe. Ireland roosts are deep into appreciation and encouragement to gain knowledge. It is home to government-funded universities with the best facilities, state-of-the-art facilities, research centers, and beautiful campuses. Top universities and colleges in Ireland have low fee structures

Reasons Why International Students Should Study in British Columbia

Studying abroad is an essential milestone in a person’s life. This decision can make or break your future and is a crucial step in your life. Over the past few years, innumerable international students are travelling to Canada in search of better education, employment opportunities, and an excellent standard of living. Metropolitan Canadian cities such

Everything You Need to Know About Studying in Canada 2020-21

Education is the most important aspect of a person’s life for it not only determines your future but also helps you evolve into a better person. In the modern world, international education has gained immense popularity among students who wish to get access to a great education, abundant job opportunities, and exposure to cultural diversity.

Why Are Students Choosing to Study in New Zealand Ad midst Covid -19

The ongoing pandemic has changed our lives in unexpected ways. From our basic routine to our long term life plans, COVID has affected every facet of our life. Numerous students from all across the globe who were looking to study abroad have been rendered clueless due to the ongoing scenario and their plans have been