1 year MBA in Canada

1 year MBA in Canada

When it comes to pursuing MBA, Canada is one of the world’s most popular destinations that students all over the world look out for. With many world-class institutes in Canada, MBA in Canada is considered one of the best courses as it provides many job opportunities post education.

Going for an MBA for a working professional becomes difficult for some of the people as it gets a bit difficult for them to go back to their learning phase. 1 year MBA is gaining a lot of traction as the duration of the course is just 12 months.

Working professionals who need an MBA to step up in their careers go for these types of courses since it upgrades them for the required positions available in their organizations. Universities and colleges in Canada look out for individuals who are motivated and are competent enough to thrive during their course.

One of the biggest advantages of an MBA is to boost the career towards the management side.

Criteria to get into One-year MBA

There is a certain eligibility criteria that has to be followed to be able to get into a 1 year MBA program. Even though every university or college has their unique set of requirements, here are some of the common requirements for admission to the 1 year MBA program in Canada:

  • Candidates must have completed an undergraduate degree program. Some of the institutes even ask for the undergraduate degree in management.
  • Some of the universities also ask for a valid GMAT score. Those with a score of 540 or above have a greater chance of getting into a reputed college/university.
  • Most of the colleges or universities ask for at least 2 years of work experience that is relevant to the management of any sort.
  • English Language Proficiency test is also required for International Students to get into a college or university of their choice.

Reasons to opt for a 1 year MBA program

Higher Career Prospects

It is very obvious that an MBA adds value to your profile and makes you stand out. MBA helps one easily climb the corporate ladder as the higher responsibilities do require a management degree.

Network Building

An MBA program always motivates the students to make connections that can help them further in their career paths. An MBA program helps one get in touch with many professionals across many industries who can play a big role in the future.

Focussed learning

Since the program is of one year the curriculum is so focussed that students get the most out of it. Since there is a lot to cover in a 1 year MBA program, it keeps students on their toes which also helps them learn skills such as time management.

Cost effective

1 year MBA not only keeps the course cost effective but also saves time. Most of the MBA courses that demand 2 years of dedicated time cost so much more than the one with 1 year of duration.

There could be some issues related to getting internships since the course is completed in just 12 months, most of the time Colleges and Universities are unable to provide students with the internships. Moreover, there are very few institutes in Canada that are offering this kind of a program. The level of effort required to complete a 1 year MBA is immense and not everyone has the capacity to go to such an extent.

Even though there are challenges while pursuing a one year MBA program, the students who really want to progress in their careers can opt for it as it provides many advantages.

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