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  • St. Thomas University

About St. Thomas University (STU), Canada

St. Thomas University (STU), Canada


Established in 1910, St. Thomas University is a government-funded university. It dates back to the foundation of St. Thomas College, which secured a high school and junior college status till 1934. Though, in March 1934, the provincial legislature conferred this college the degree-awarding authority and university status. This college was then renamed St. Thomas University in the year 1960. The university's campus has six academic buildings equipped with student-friendly amenities and welcomes around 500 students as residents.

Why St. Thomas University (STU), Canada


  •  The average class size is only 26 students, and upper-year classes are even smaller. Classes are discussion and debate based, and professors can get to understand their students and administer personal attention.
  • Around 99% of the full-time faculty of the university has their Ph.D. or highest degrees in their respective fields.
  • Almost 91% of first-year students rate their experience as excellent or good. The emphasis on teaching, academic challenge, and developing new thinking skills are ranked amongst the highest in Canada.
  • The university dedicates around $1.8 million to student financial aid every year. With more than 40 different kinds of scholarships and subsidies open, there are many ways to help balance tuition costs. Our Student Services Department offers resources for academic support, career planning, stress management. Also, students team up with people to help get through their time at university.


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